Wednesday, January 24, 2007


If I'd been brave enough to take Madame Touville's French in 11th grade I might know what the writing on this bag says. But I'm a wimp and did not opt for French verb conjugation to cause nausea.

However, Frenchy sure is cute with black accents and darling green beading oui? More chartruese trim at the top makes her just funky enough to land herself at the Champs d'Elysees.

Tres chic.

She's Green Whimsy

Update: Green Whimsy is all sold!

With a shiny red bow on top this mis-matched theme works using dark pine green Asian silk, brown toned carpet bag and a wide oversized light green organza ribbon running in the middle.
It is a smaller purse size and begs to go out to dinner with a special someone.

It is casual elegance. But still practical. Well, as practical as a bright red satin bow can possibly be.

Gone Mod

UPDATE: God Mod, Gone Home.

This simple bag is more mod than Twiggy. It boasts aquamarine squiggles and heavy chocolate broadcloth. It is trimmed out in matching blue and brown polka dot ribbon.


Yes, Twiggy's skinny little bod comes neatly wrapped in the Pink Evita package. No extra charge.

The Pool

Just enough room for a swimsuit, towel, a bottle of sunscreen, and a good summer read.

This bag was made to for spring and summer activities. Take it to an outdoor summer concert or use it as a tote for a bar-b-que. It has long handles and is trimmed with boxy bright yellow ruffles, it's vertical trim is purple polka dot. The handles are whimsically finished in both the heavy aqua cotton and the pinwheel pattern.

Happy Spring!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Deb Is Her Name

This gorgeous funky bag is named for her designer. She was designed by a gal funky cool in her own right and a delicious mix of colors and textures would only suffice.

Deb has Asian silk mixed with gold heavy carpet bag paisley. She has fluffy blue trim and grape beads dangling. You can't see from the picture but Deb also has adorable wine colored scalloping in rich brocade at the top. Her inside pockets are even decked out in wine colored silk.

She is a funky gal. Of course the original Deb will sit on Deb's shoulder very soon. (I loved this bag so much I secretly made a few more. Email me if you'd like a Funky Deb all your own.)

Aunt Betty's Draperies

UPDATE: Aunty Betty as she appears here is sold, but there is a bit more fabric if you'd like one.

This bag is a little bigger than the normal purse sized bags but after raiding Aunt Betty's formal living room originally decorated in the 1950's a little depth just seemed right. The light blue material is scalloped with raised brown velvet. The bottom of the bag is a rich velvet to match. Pink polka dot ribbons accent and bring it out of Aunt Betty's living room for good.

One of these is sold, but I have a few more if you'd like a replica.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Chinese New Year

Update: There are a few Chinese New Year inspired bags still in inventory. Email me and I will send you the exact pictures.

Happy Chinese New Year! It is right around the corner and these two little bags celebrate all that is red! The one on the left is a mix of dark earthy green chinese silk and a bright red monochromatic faux light suede. The fuzzy trim is decked out with red beads to match and of course a red satin bow! The little evening bag on the right has a heavy carpet bag bottom and chinese silk top. It has matching fuzzy trim and beading while not forgetting a big red Happy New Year red satin bow on top!

Purple Silk

Purple butterflies with mango colored trim to match will insure this bag a smash success at your next social gathering. Want to be original? This is the bag for you. Oversized black satin ribbon completes the funky look.

Chartueuse Fur?

UPDATE: Furry girl is sold.

Yes, this black bag is trimmed out in chartueuse fur. The plaid ribbon boasts green and wine colored accents and the lining is done in a matching wine color.

Who could resist chartreuse fur?

Brown Moleskin

This little bag is already sold, but as always more can be made. The material is a dark chocolate brown moleskin that is very suede soft. It has light blue flowers embroidered onto the material. The bow on top is brown and light blue stripe. Light blue fringe also adorns the top.

UPDATE: ALL OF THE MOLESKIN BAGS ARE SOLD. If you are interested please let me know and I will see if I can find similar material.