Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, the cutest little dresses

I do love making handbags, that is for sure. I make them all the time. I often feel as though I'm stealing time from my family just to get up in my sewing room and start sifting fabrics through my fingers all in hopes that it will soon be some whimsical funky bag on some lady's shoulder.

I do all of my sewing on my two beloved Husquavarna machines. I don't have a serger, haven't really needed one as all of my edges are hidden and pressed away on the bags and wallets.


I've been thinking. I see all of these adorable, I mean killer cute kids outfits and I can't help but think...I could do that. I know I could. But, when I try to make my girls clothes I am bothered by my scratchy rather unprofessional seams. My girls sometimes complain when I gather a skirt and the inside seam is well, a little fuzzy and ummm...bulky.

So I've been thinking serger. Cheap, hearty runs like gold serger. I want one. So I can make amazing little girls clothes like these.... This gal over at Whimsy Couture has the most adorable tutorials. The photo shows one of her dresses.

Serger...I'm thinking...oh, serger I covet thee.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's New, Prison Pants, and Yummy Tassels

It's a bit of of a mixed bag over here this summer. We've been enjoying our summer at sprinkler parks and riding our bicycles, my girls and I that is. For the last month I've certainly been working on the business, but well with the girls at my side, it's been admittedly been somewhat up in my head deciding what's next rather than at the sewing machine. Only Chloe, the puggle seems to truly appreciate my neverending desire to spend hundreds of hours tied to my creative place up there in the sewing room.

This past week though, I've made some strides to get ready for fall. I have committed to Girls Night Out Indy. If you are going to be in the Indianapolis, IN area on October 1st, 2009 pop on over to the website and register for the event, it's free and I believe they even comp a drink or two when you register. Yes, I do hope clients will be liquored up walking the aisles. (Wink.) I'll be showing there for the first time and am very excited to have this event to share my bags. Even if I am the one drinking herbal tea that day and evening.

Here is a preview of what I'm working on. I love to have a wall full of love to greet me when I walk in. Gah, that silver and pink one looks like it might just jump off the hook.

I've also been making prison pants. No, Ava is not waiting in line for juvenile detention. She's performing in a camp this week where the final show has a jailhouse rock theme. I managed to pull the assignment for several pairs of orange prison pants. I'm working on the 4th pair right now. (Or well, I'm technically taking a break from the 4th pair right now.) Next year I do hope there is room for some originally designed little girl's sun dresses. Now, that is a project I could grow to love.

Want to see some new scalloped wallets? They are so fun to make. Since they come in a set with a key fob to match...I wonder if I might have to keep one for myself?

And one final thought, these tassels were scored in a clearance bin. I bought several colors and some have beads. I had no idea what to do with them, but they were calling my name longingly and they came home. Perhaps they will wind up a decorations for some new swing bags? Any other ideas? They are just too pretty to sit around not adorning something.