Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sock Monkey!

Remember Sock Monkey's? Me too. Loved them then and love them now. This whimsical sock monkey tote is 14" x 14" and is lined with a coordinating red and white check. It has plenty of internal pockets and could even be used as a diaper bag.

Both sides of the bag have sock monkey squares dancing across the middle. The top and bottom of the bag have a sturdy denim material. The handles are pieced together using coordinating red and white polka dots.

Seriously, how could you have a bad day when carrying the Sock Monkey?

Sock Monkey is $50.00.

Oh So Blue

This 14"x14" tote is the prettiest shade of spring periwinkle blue. The material is very similar to the Spring Peach (arrow down a bit) which sold last week. Of course I wasn't looking for blue flowers and stripes when out and about but this set of materials jumped out at me and became an impulse buy.

After recently hanging out at some local quilt shops, I'm completely inspired by the amazing quilts that people make. I'm in awe of all those little pieces painstakingly put together to eventually make quilted blankets. Am I inspired to make a quilt? Oh no. Not even tempted. However, I'm starting to piece many materials together in quilt-like fashion to form these handbags. They are so interesting and subtlety busy that I don't think they need ribbons or fringe.

This tote has pockets sewn inside on both sides to store lots of goodies. It stands up on its own and will be a wonderful spring bag for the right gal.

Oh, So Blue is $50.00

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Messenger With a Twist

This weekend my friend offered to loan me an Amy Butler messenger bag pattern. I've been wanting to try some Amy Butler purse patterns, but don't sew that much with patterns so I haven't taken the time to pick any up. But her offer was too good to pass up.

It is a messenger bag with a twist...the flap that comes over the top of the bag is another little purse bag in itself with a flap of it's own. All these little "flaps" are velcro'd to anchor. You can't have flaps flying all over the place. Pretty clever if you ask me. I made the bag from cotton fat quarters I had lying around in a mix of spring oranges, browns and greens. It is a casual messenger bag to be slung crosswise over the body and can hold almost a weekend's worth of stuff. Perfect for a long bike ride or walk.

Look, here is the purse flap slung over the back so you can see the inside of the bag.

The back of the bag has two pockets for keys and other need be accessible quickly stuff. Handy. I am forever loosing my keys deep down in my bags.

I have to admit, as much as I think this one is nifty and was a bit of work. I think this pattern will will be kept for gift making rather than the steady stream of knocking out bags to sell.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Messenger Bag

I do love a deep messenger bag slung over my shoulder and hip. Maybe it reminds me of my corporate working days when I would toss an amazing British Tan leather messenger bag over my shoulder and catch a plane to wherever. (But then a pen popped in it at 32,000 feet and blue ink inside my lovely wasn't pretty. That is another story.)

This bag was made as a special custom order and features the Chinese children playing with coordinating pink and black dots material. It has an adjustable strap and black shiny O rings on the sides to allow for easy up and down adjusting.

The inside has plenty of pockets and bright happy pink that will not hide any little do-dads like the deep black bag linings that can be the never ending black hole of wallet and tissue hell.

I hope the new owner has lots of fun swinging this whimsical bag over her shoulder.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spring Peach

Being a young and impressionable teenager of the 1980's I am careful with my use of the color peach. If you lived through the 1980's you know what I am talking about.

However, I saw all these amazing spring cottons mixing a sweet pinky peach with soft browns and greens and almost had to kiss the lady at the quilt shop. Love at first site. I left with a spring in my step...I'm sure it was a site to see...grown woman with two year old on one hip and skipping through the parking lot with glee and a quilt shop baggie in the other hand.

This 14" by 14" tote purse is heavily interfaced to give the soft cotton some stability. You can see it stands up on it's own. I was delighted to get carried away and piece the inside together with more coordinating materials. It has 3 large pockets sewn in for good stuff.

I am also offering the coordinating makeup/spare change wristlet as a set. The little zippered bag is 8" by 6" and fits nicely inside the big bag but also leaves enough room for other goodies.

The set is $55.00 and will give someone a big spring peach kiss when she gets it !

Tangerine Mod Circles

This 10" by 10" bag with mod circles will make you smile. The thick coordinating fringe trim gives the high end upholstery material a whimsical flair.

It is fully lined with a coordinating brown taffeta and also has a nice sized pocket. I love my pockets.


Brown and Green Stripes

The 10" by 10" handbag features brown suede paired with a brown and green silky material. The fringe on top picks up both the brown and green tones in the materials.

It is a great bag to toss over your shoulder to transition away from the dark winter months into the beginnings of a brighter spring.


Hipster For Fun

This 7"x9" pre-quilted material hipster bag provides a hands free day. It is meant to sit crosswise on your body and sit on the front of your hip. The strap is long enough for a 6' tall person but will be very cute knotted up for someone a little more petite.

It has a light blue zipper and reverse side fabric pocket appliqued on the front.

It is completely lined with a coordinating light blue and white stripe.

The minute I am not carrying 6 diapers and sippy when I start carrying a little bag like this!


Fringe Clutch

You will never see anything like it again. Even here at Pink Evita. This amazing rope fringe was found in a designer store's back room. I was only able to get one small piece and thought what the heck will ever become of this amazing rope fringe? But it was so high end and interesting I bought it anyway.

It became an 11 1/2" by 8 1/2" black suede clutch with the most gorgeous thick black satin bow closure. It is completely lined with black satin and looks like it could walk the red carpet.

Here is the inside.

It is going to make some little black dress absolutely over the top!


Baby Blue Clutch

This little bow tie clutch is lined with pink cotton and has a pink and brown ribbon running down the middle!

It is 10"x6", just big enough for keys and some mad money when out and about town.


Creamy Clutch

Last summer I made some bags for a wedding party. The bride's material was this beautiful cream shantung silk. It was so pretty I had to keep the tiny scrap of material...just couldn't part with it. I thought someday this little scrap of material will find it's home on a lovely new bag.

Well it finally hit me. Clutch! This little going out for an evening of fun clutch is made with the piece of shantung silk. It has coordinating lively peach/cream fringe and a cream satin tie closure. It is fully lined with a peachy cotton with delicate flowers. The outside of the bag has a line of the satin ribbon sewn in the middle...can hardly see that from the picture.

It is 10 1/2" wide by 6 inches tall. If you have a spring/summer wedding or first communion or would be perfect!

It is $25.00.