Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh So Blue

This 14"x14" tote is the prettiest shade of spring periwinkle blue. The material is very similar to the Spring Peach (arrow down a bit) which sold last week. Of course I wasn't looking for blue flowers and stripes when out and about but this set of materials jumped out at me and became an impulse buy.

After recently hanging out at some local quilt shops, I'm completely inspired by the amazing quilts that people make. I'm in awe of all those little pieces painstakingly put together to eventually make quilted blankets. Am I inspired to make a quilt? Oh no. Not even tempted. However, I'm starting to piece many materials together in quilt-like fashion to form these handbags. They are so interesting and subtlety busy that I don't think they need ribbons or fringe.

This tote has pockets sewn inside on both sides to store lots of goodies. It stands up on its own and will be a wonderful spring bag for the right gal.

Oh, So Blue is $50.00

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