Friday, February 16, 2007

Purple Toile

Two different earthy purple trims max out this delicious black and white toile bag. Under her middle fluffy trim she sports shimmery lavender sparkle beads. She has a tassel closure that is slipped under a simple black loop.

The toile sets her in the French country line but the extra fuzzy trims in dark lavender make her unexpected.

Floral Fun

UPDATE: Floral Fun is sold out, gone to a good home!

This bag has some funky girlie floral sparkle with black flapper fringe.

It is designed using vertical lines separated with black and white polka dot gros grain ribbon. The closure is a horizontal button with loop overlap.

The chartruese middle line gives her a spring look.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy New Year

UPDATE: All the happy New Year bags are gone. Sniff sniff. Until next year....may she be a happy one.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! What better way to bring in the year of the Boar but with a new set of Mommy and Me Chinese New Year celebratory bags. Or if Mommy and Me is too goofy then an evening bag and a tote bag. (Of course they can be separated.) But what a great gift for someone who just got a referral? Or just a wonderful bag to take to each Chinese New Year party every year. Anyway, they are beautiful red silk with heavy black fluffy trim. They have funky black and white polka dot pockets and gold ribbon trim on the larger tote.

$60.00 for the set

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Divine Wine

UPDATE: There were 5 Divine Wines and now there are 2 left. Can I send one to you?

This bag is Asian and decadent. She is inspired by the trips to Guangzhou's busy streets with tiny shops that all adoptive parents must visit. Lots of earthy brownish greens mixed with soft fuzzy wine colored trim.

Oh this bag is for every occasion and will compliment any outfit.

She is sophisticated and daring.

Charteuse Spring

UPDATE: There is 1 more chartruese spring left.

This darling bag has chartreuse spring written all over it. She had black handles with the coolest pink and green fuzzy trim at the top. She also has beautiful green and pink beading with a hot pink brocade trim around her middle.

Instead of a bow on top she sports a horizontal button clasp.

She is perfect for buzzing around town this spring or taking on vacation. If you always like the preppy pink and green but are looking for a modern twist...she is for you!

Pink Poodle

UPDATE: There are 2 poodle puppies waiting to go home to dangle on someone's arm.

She's pink and poodle soft and fuzzy. She is definitely for a special occasion, admittedly enough. She has black and hot pink polka dot ribbon to accent.

Oh, poodle pink love.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Glass Factor

UPDATE: 4 have sold and there is one left. She is a good seller. Let me know if the last one should be yours.

Here is a twist on the original Frenchy. She has the most gorgeous glass beading that sparkle and shimmy when moved. She has some fuzzy black trim at the top and also sports a button closure. She is perhaps the most elegant of all the Pink Evitas. This one was a special order but if you'd are interested I 'd be happy to create a funky or elegant Frenchy for you too.

The Cabo 5

A five pack of Mexican cuties. They are a special order for ladies going to Cabo San Lucas in a few months for a girls vacation. Ahhh. Yes, these bags will be sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas by the ocean while Jose the pool boy rubs someone down.

I can hardly contain the jealousy.

Yes, the bags are being displayed on the back of none other than a treadmill. They are working on toning their little legs for bikini season.

All in all I am happy knowing my bags will be going international even if I won't be going to Mexico in person.

They are a mix of embroidered cotton, each with matching beading and fun ribbons. Miss Cabo selected button closures rather than Pink Evita's signature bow on top. Even the gal in the lap of luxury needs a little practicality in her life.

It is inspiration for a fun spring bag isn't it?