Sunday, August 23, 2009


In the last week I have been the lucky recipient of some wonderful cuts of fabric that shall we say, had worn out their welcome in their previous homes. Knowing that I am one to take in a stray cut of fabric now and friend's have dropped their lovely bits of material with a free conscience. Of course your fabric will be loved here.

These were at one time some decadent curtains. But the owner has moved on to something more casual in aqua and chocolate. Oh that woman has some killer curtains in her home!

Notice I couldn't lay them out fast enough and begin the cutting process separating the amazing baby blue damask from it's lining.

Now, part of that curtain panel has been upCycled into this.

Oh heavenly tote. I have two of them and will be giving one to the original owner as a thank you for donating her fabric to the cause.

The other one will go up for sale.

This week I also scored some lovely chocolate brown curtains that it almost breaks my heart to cut up since they were quite well made. But, what good are they doing in someone's garage at the bottom of a box? They will be happier lining some nice lady's handbag as they move onto their next life.