Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Remember this? I'm just so excited, I made it into the top finalists with the black and tan twisted rope clutch! After returning home from a weekend away I opened my email to discover that my little bag was indeed selected as one of the Bags2Riches top finalists. This project is a fund raiser for homelessness here in the city. In year's past the finalist bags have been featured in the city wide Monthly magazine. Good publicity!

Want to see the finalist bags? Go here! I'm number 6. That photograph of my bag isn't the best in my opinion, but hey, what's a girl to do? I'm in and I'm thrilled.

Next week there is a fashion show downtown featuring the bags. I'll be the one carrying a camera in one hand and a two year old in the other, gah! If you are so inclined to make a small donation to homeless in Indianapolis, please place a vote for your favorite bag, which I'm sure would be the little black and tan twisted rope clutch with a big black satin bow on top, at the web site. Not so subtle, hint hint.

I could use a vote...apparently, at last count the bag cut to look like a little black dress is kicking my butt. ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pink Bitty Pouch Complete With Keys

Ok, the keys aren't exactly included with the set. No one wants keys to my backyard barn shed that contains one very dirty lawn mower and one overly dusty baby swing. You supply the keys.

I've recently scored some key fob webbing and hardware, and have been trying to come up with inventive ways to offer it.

I sat down yesterday with this delicious icy pink fat quarter and just let my fingers do some cutting. Before I knew it I had one sweet little zipper pouch and a key fob to match.

The little pouch is about 7" x 4 1/2" and is lined with the same icy pink material. It would be perfect for a drivers license, credit card, keys and a lipstick. Hook the little ribbon loop over a finger and off you go. I'm not sure whether it is worth it to make up several sets? I am going to exhibit at a little local show in October and could make several sets to see what happens. What do you think? Would you want a bitty pouch with matching key ring? I think I'll pop on over to the shop, list it, and see what happens.

LBF's New Outfit

In between filling orders I have been sewing some very fun little gift projects. Gift projects are my favorites. There is nothing better than the feeling of a napping two year old and just sitting in my sewing room, back in the recesses of my house all alone...plotting out a gift project. I can sit and stare at the wonderful material for a 1/2 hour before I start cutting, just because it is there. Add a Coke zero to the mix and I'd clearly be one step away from the pearly gates.

My 6 year old daughter Ava, has a sweet little best friend, (I affectionately call her lbf for short) whom we have known since she met her parents within minutes of when we met Ava in a crowded Chinese hotel conference room 6 years ago. LBF will soon be 7, doesn't seem possible but it is. I saw this material online and had to spend an hour looking for a vendor who had it in stock. Oh poor me...had to spend an hour shopping for material from the comfort of my own office loft in my pajamas. I love you, internet.

I've made this skirt several times for my girls just because it is made of 4 rectangles. Yes, 4 rectangles. It is the easiest thing to whip up. I found the directions in a quilting magazine of all places and then realized that the magazine had misprinted the directions...but after the second attempt I conquered and got the measurements of the top layer and underskirt just right. The top is just a cheapy tee shirt with appliqued dolls to match the skirt. LBF is the tiniest of little things...Ava probaby has 2 to 3 inches on her. I hope it fits, even with the stretchy elastic waist. If not, she'll have a cute spring outfit.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Serious Business

This is serious business...

Wheels to get us to the mall? Check.
Bear in finest silk outfit? Check.
No-nonsense shopping outfit? Check.
New bag holding all daddy's credit cards slung casually over shoulder? Check.

I see a new outfit in this bear's immediate future. How about you.

Thanks to Mrs. H for sharing a photo of her adorable daughter sporting her new Pink Evita bag.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Baby

Oh, to be 9 months pregnant at the end of August/beginning of September. Ugh...the thought makes me want to grab a huge glass of icy lemonade and sip slowly. I "had" both of my babies (Who came to me at 8 and 9 1/2 months old respectively in the sweltering heat of Southern China) thank you very much and really...if only we could plan these things a little better, ladies. I'd vote for a nice cool day in March just as the spring blossoms are starting to bloom but there is not an 80 degree marker in sight for another 2-3 months. And then, just as you are about to go seriously insane with new baby in the house, why then feel free to walk in the warmth of the sunshine outside in the brand new shiny pram.

But life doesn't always play out like that. Sometimes you just gotta have a baby when it is 106 in the shade. Just ask my next door neighbor. She almost ready to pop. Oh, and she is almost done. I know, I asked her and she said..."I'm done!", as she less than cheerfully rolled her recycle bin into the garage.

Maybe this will cheer her up, that and dropping about 8 lbs of baby any day now.

Of course the dapper "tie one on onsie" is for the newest little Mr. The crayon caddy is for 2 year old big sister. Because I am sure that this one little crayon caddy will completely keep her busy and happily occupied while Mommy attends to the newby, ahhhhhemmm. And the diaper caddy is for Mommy. May she try to squeeze two different size diapers in this little caddy and keep her sanity all at the same time.

Ok little Mr., the cul-de-sac is ready. Come on home.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Measure, Cut, Sew Repeat

Late last week and into the weekend it was a little like ground hog day around here. I was watching lots of little Chinese kids take form. And, no it wasn't Ava and Olivia taking form...although they were running amok much of the time in and out of the sewing room, it was these Chinese kids.
Yes, I know if you watch the blog they might look familiar...but I got another custom order to do several mini totes using the Michael Miller Chinese kids material.

Just when I thought I had done just about everything possible with this material. (I've made twirly skirts, totes, purses, zipper bags, and business card holders, gah!) I was asked to make a crayon caddy too.

It turned out so cute my 2 year old could hardly keep her little mits off of it. I remained firm and promised her I'd make her one of her own soon and popped it in the big box to be shipped. I'm sure the real owner of this crayon caddy would not appreciate gently used crayons and missing pages of white paper.

Normally when I finish a big order like this I am very happy to clean the sewing room and package the goods in their box getting ready for shipment. Good bye, order! Hope the next one involves a change in color scheme or weight of material. But over the weekend I lingered, watching all the bags neatly lined up on the work table. I had a fleeting thought that I might take them and hang them all around the room like Chinese lanterns. But, then I took a swig of Coke and snapped out of it. The Muffin Man bought me a big box and they are off to their new home today. I hope their adoption reunion is big fun, and all those little kids are healthy and happy in their forever homes.

The Leopard Twins

Last week my family went to a yummy cookout at a friends house celebrating Labor Day. It was a nice mix of people from different parts of the hostesses life. My dear friend, the hostess is always helping to promote and market Pink Evita things. Before I knew it she had whipped out a few bags that I had made for her last winter. Two ladies saw one bag and said, "Can we have this one?" Meaning a re-creation of the original. I said, "You both want this same one?" Oh yes, they chimed. My first reaction way didn't they want something different? Of course I was chomping on my second hotdog at the time. But then I had to pause and remember just a few months ago when at my birthday dinner my two friends and I showed up at the restaurant with the exact same bags, different sizes...but the exact same bags. Oh well, who's too good for 8th grade? Not me.

Here are the leopard twins. They are pretty darn cute if I don't say so myself. They are a nice mix of brown and black, perfect for fall and winter evenings out on the town. They are rather smallish at 10" wide by 9" tall. The black material is a durable velvet and the print is the softest most wonderful high end chenille that of course I scored on a clearance table. I loved working with this chenille so much I'm going back tomorrow to see if there is any left.

I hope the leopard twins carry their new bags with panache and have fun with them. I know I had fun eating the summer's last potato salad, watching my two year old slip and slide in the backyard and of course working in a few minutes for business as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tea House Garden Set

This 3 piece set of diaper tote with four huge internal pockets and key latch, diaper caddy, and matching toddler Mommy and Me bag was commissioned last week and went out the door this morning.

I admit it, I'm a sucker for these Mommy and me sets. Oh, I do hope the Mom receiving this likes orange, they did come out very orange. :) It all did not seem that orange when I was at the wall o' fabric. Drooling - over- all - that - amazing- Amy Butler - material.

I'm off to start working on a few bags that have yummy black velvet mixed with rich fringe and a heavy chenille small animal print. Two matching bags, for two friends. What a switch from the Teahouse Garden set. On deck...it's more Michael Miller Chinese Kids bags.

Never a dull moment around here.