Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bags 2 Riches Contest

A friend told me about a contest that benefits an organization that fights homelessness earlier this year. Here, go look them up...
After reading their website, I decided sure, what the heck I will enter a bag and see what happens. Worse case scenario they get a bag to try to auction off for a good cause.

So I made this one. It is called An Affair to Remember. If you had an affair to remember, wouldn't you probably be carrying this bag? I would. And, I thought I was done.

But then I made this one. She is called A Kiss on the Chic. And, I couldn't decide which one to enter into the contest. So I entered them both today.

I'd like to win. There I said it. I have no idea how lofty that goal is...but heh? It's out there. Wish my little baggies good luck....please.


Anonymous said...

"A Kiss On the Chic"...I love it!


Anonymous said...

I REALLY like the second one! I am glad to see your back! I missed reading you blog.