Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tartan Christmas

This little Christmas tartan plaid bag is for Fran, my dear friend's mother in law. Fran has been feeling a little under the weather...I hope this new Christmas bag will help make her season.

I was asked to modify the handles a little bit to include only 1 handle that goes side to side. Very fun little idea.

Merry Christmas Fran...I hope you are up and running to all the holiday functions soon with this little bag on your arm!

Bags for Toys

We are off to the grandparents house tomorrow morning. Of course Ava, my almost 6 year old will need lots of activities in the car...so no one's head explodes with 5 hours in the car with 2 children.

She loves her little leapster, a perfect car riding toy. But I am always worried that she will lose the little tiny games that plug into the leapster.

So, this morning I found some old scraps of material and put together a zipper toy bag for the leapster, games, and extra batteries.

I love this bag! I hope she does too. I'm so darn excited that the leapster now has it's own little bag that I might have to make up some more bags for headphones and an MP3 player, some Polly Pockets and whatever else is lying around the playroom floor.

Little Leopard Hipster

I've been playing around a bit with a hipster bag. The handle is worn across the body diagonally and it is meant for a small wallet and perhaps a few small items.

This one has black twisted cording as the handle. It has a black and tan almost leopard material mixed with a pretty decorator black. The bottom is lined with glass beads that swing when you walk.

It has a zipper closure.

I think I will take it to the next Pink Evita show this weekend to see if anyone is interested in little hipster bags.

Marked $35

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ever See a Leopard With Feathers?

You have now. This is what Mrs. Leopard with an eye for fashion would have done for herself had she known the way to the mall.

Because this Mrs. Leopard is especially fetching and has been plumage deprived for so long she also chose to add a string of black shiny beads under her filmy feathery fringe.

Now she's ready to go.

P.S. Since she did not want to seem ostentatious to the other less fashion forward leopards she chose a texture friendly and yet sensible wide whale corduroy to sit on top of. Nice touch.

The Tree

This Chic sized green chenille and dark brown sturdy velvet bag with little spare change purse to match set is perfect for late fall. It has darling brown brocade around it's middle and pretty floppy green fringe at the top.

Oh, it makes me want to grab my leather boots and a barn jacket.


Upon attending the last Pink Evita party Aubrey had ideas. Not only would she step up to the plate and design her own combination of fabrics and trims for a new handbag...she would also like to design a new style. It had to have pleats, be somewhat like the Date Night Wristlet but bigger. Rounded edges on the bottom would be good and of course a custom designed pocket for her way cool little cell phone.

Pink Evita hopes she finds it the hit of the next junior high mall crawl.

This little triangle inspired bag which is about 81/2" at the top wide and stands about 11" tall will be forever immortalized as simply The Aubrey.