Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Green Dream

I am the Green Dream, a perfect mix of chocolate brown and lovely green swirling paisleys. I have lots of stiff interfacing to make me sturdy. Pale pink accent ribbon and ribbon closure give me aesthetic balance.

Go ahead, look at my insides. I'm not bashful. I'm stripey with a paisley pocket.

I'm sold, but extra fabric is sitting around chatting it up with Pink Evita. Email her at if she can make you a green dream.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bags Made it To Cabo

Remember these? Ack, they made it to Cabo in Mexico and loved every minute of it.

The lovely models in the pictures were kind enough to check back in with Pink Evita and provide photographic evidence that the pain involved with turning 40 can be significantly reduced with a cute bag on one's shoulder and some pool time with a great girlfriend.

Where's my fruity drink?

Seriously, they don't look at day over 29 1/2, the models that is.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knit Me

Do you love to knit? But just can't keep all those needles, scraps of yarn, patterns, and books organized in a place that is near your favorite knitting chair or sofa?

I'm the solution. I'm a generous 18" tote bag especially designed for the knitter. I have 8 pockets sewn inside and out. The large outside pocket will house patterns and books. The side pocket will hold needles and a ball of yarn. Inside pockets have been sized for neat keeping of 4 sets of needles and a zippered pocket will make sure no small notions or accessories will ever get lost.

See....lots of space. So pretty too, you won't be embarrased by plastic baggies of knitting supplies sitting open in your living room.

This demo is made of a patchwork of neutral tans, paisleys and cranberry reds. Of course you could choose colors to fit your taste!

Let me know if I can make a knitting tote for you. I'm priced at $45.00 plus shipping.

Blue and Yellow Zipper Tote

I am the perfect size for a stylish diaper bag, toddler snacks and sippy cup. Or I could be toted around town on the arm of a woman running lots of errands managing home and work all at the same time. The perfect combination of summer fling and practicality.

I have an almost invisible pocket on my front. I have a sturdy zipper closure on top and another pocket on my inside creamy linen lining.

Email Pink Evita at if I can come to live at your house.

$45.00 plus shipping.

Over Shoulder

This blue and yellow mixed quilted material has been formed into a medium sized over the shoulder hip bag. It has one zipper pocket within a pocket on the front.

It also has a zipper closure at the top. The lining is a cream summer linen and also sports a pocket for keys or cell phone.

It measures 11 1/2 wide x 11" tall.

It is just perfect for a day trip shopping or traveling when you want your hands free and want to keep your wallet safe.

The hip bag in this material or an alternate pink and green material is for sale for $25 plus shipping.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Orange Dragonflies

I'm taking the summer to branch out a bit and try some new types of handbags. I think that I will make them and then give them away as summer birthday presents. It is a good time for me to practice branching out a bit from exclusively whipping up tote bags. This is admittedly my second attempt at this adorable summer dragonfly bag with a dropped zipper and wooden beaded handles.

The first attempt was not gift worthy...nor was it toss in the pile worthy.
I salvaged what I could ripping the thing apart like a lioness to fresh meat. I cut new fabric and affixed newer heavier interfacing to make it stiffer. Re-read the directions with greater attention to make the front pocket a little wider and presto! I'm pretty pleased with the whole thing. What seemed so difficult the first time was pretty much a cinch the second time. Funny how that works, yes?

I hope her new home finds some lovely butterflies or ladybugs in the closet to make friends with.

Next Up...a knitting tote bag. Stay tuned.