Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Goodies

These two little black silk on black crushed velvet clutches were just made up for a commission and are ready to go out the door. They look so sweetly holiday sitting next to each other.

I almost think they would look as good with a little black slinky dress as they would with a crisp white oxford, jeans and high heeled boots.

Oh, I do hope they have fun at their next holiday gathering!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On the Wall, Off The Wall

I've recently changed my workspace around just a little bit to help keep things organized. I took some hooks and randomly popped them up on the wall above where I work. Now I can see completed orders and watch them hang above me before they are bagged and boxed up!

In November, I did two shows and sold several cash and carry items, ahhh thanks so much to anyone who purchased a bag already made. I also took about 25 orders for "design your own" bags. That was just about as many as I could make and make sure I deliver well before Christmas.

Now they are gone. All delivered to their new homes this weekend. I sort of miss them.

Look at the sorry lonely wall.

This must be remedied, I can't stand the sorry lonely wall.

I quickly got busy and what you see here is a mix of teacher and holiday hostess gifts mixed with a few new internet orders. I take teacher gifts oh, too seriously, ha ha. I think teachers are never paid enough for what they do and giving them a coffee mug at the holidays...well, just seems a little wrong on some level. I have asked each teacher (between my two girls, we have 4 teachers) their favorite colors. Then I will either pull from inventory a bag that seems to hopefully match their color taste and personality or I will make a bag. We've had one declaration of a love for the color green. I like green, why the heck do I not have bags in inventory in green? That's a good project for today. Make Livi's teacher a green bag. Ummm, after I finish a few more internet orders. Oh, I hope they like them, and don't think, "Gee, another tote bag, wish I could have gotten a coffee mug."

Well, the wall is up and being filled again, I can rest easy and work happily.

One more thing....

Japanese doll print 1001 uses pouches. For over a week they sat like this all lined up in a perfect row next to my work area. Every time I look over to see those darling little faces on bubble gum pink, I grinned. But now they are gone to a good home. Bagged up with a little tissue paper, only to be delivered to separate ladies undoubtedly as holiday gifts.

As they headed for the egress, in a moment of weakness I secretly ordered more of this material. In pink, green and black! When I get time I will make up a few more of these little pouches to sit happily near my work space. Just because they make me happy.