Sunday, March 25, 2007

Country Walk Too

The is Country Walk's sister bag. More Laura Ashley print with chambray anchoring the bottom. This time she is sporting sweet yellow satin trim. Her top is a mix of yellow and blue fluff.

She also has a white broad cloth lining with floral pocket.

Perfect for summer time fun!

Country Walk

She is so feminine. If you know a blue flowers type of gal who might take her on a country walk swinging her in the fields and then settle down for a picnic lunch, then you might have found the perfect home for her.

Ok, so maybe that is just a little too idyllic, too romantic?
She could mosey on over to a neighbors back yard bar-b-q too.

Nevertheless this Laura Ashley print sits on top of a nice weight chambray bottom material. Sheer lemon yellow polka dots wrap her middle. It looks like lemon frosting on top but is simply a soft fluffy trim. She has a blue floral pocket and a navy button.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Summery Dots

These bags are the official cure for the rainy day blues. They are perfect for spring time folly. Good bye-winter!

The material is sturdy and each bag has an inside pocket for your keys or cell phone.

The one on the right has a quilted bottom!

Right now I have these two for sale and should have another 2-3 made up by the end of the week!

I ask you... how can you be in a bad mood with Summery Dots hanging on your arm?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Furry Dangles

UPDATE: Furry Dangles sold the day it went to the auction!

Her trim is chartreuse and furry and her beads are black and dangly. The Evita half of Pink Evita called her "furry dangles" when she stamped her Inspector #39 stamp of approval on this bag. She's five,who knows where she comes up with this stuff. So, there she is Furry Dangles.

This bag was also made especially for...who knows who? She is also going to a silent action table this weekend with benefits going to preschool scholarships.

Admittedly, I liked her well enough to steal her to Pink Evita's private and overcrowded closet. Gack...can't be done...she must go to help little ones learn their ABCs.

Crazy Dots

UPDATE: Crazy Dots sold the day she went to the silent auction!

No, you aren't in the beginning stages of having a seizure. That material on the bottom of this little bag is dotty and wavy dotty at that.

Her trim is a mix of pink and green fluffiness. Her gros grain ribbon is hot pink and black. Her pocket on the inside is wavy dots as well! She is purse sized and ready for action.

Where is she going? No one knows. She will be sitting on a silent auction table this weekend. I hope someone likes her so proceeds can go to preschool scholarships.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Floral Fun

Floral Fun sold pretty quickly, hooray someone ring the bell. So, here is a slight twist on the original Floral Fun. She is a special order and a birthday gift. The special order included a request for the white polka dots rather than the original black. Brilliant idea. With the floppy 1920's inspired flapper trim this bag has just a touch of edginess. It is closed with a button and loop rather than ribbon ties. Pink Evita wishes her new owner a very happy birthday and many more to come.

Pink Angel

UPDATE: Pink Angel is in inventory and I have more material to special design for someone.

She can do no wrong, she is a pink angel... not to be confused with a Charlie's Angel. We are starting to think spring over here at Pink Evita. This purse sized bag has a sturdy tan suede bottom to stabilize the bag. The angel material is a sweet light pink and has pink and tan plaid ribbons to coordinate. Cream colored lace trims out the top of the bag. She has a nice pink angel pocket as well.

A small slice of heaven on your arm. Bosley would be impressed.

She is $35.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Black Floral

UPDATE: Black Floral is in inventory.
This is a little black floral bag with loads of attitude. As spring approaches I must show off some lighter sweeter creations to make you think sandals and crop pants. However, black floral is the last remnant of snow stacked mall parking lots and homemade long scarves wrapped around shivering necks.

She is a purse size and is absolutely perfect for a dinner out or trip to the mall. She is a great gift for the classically inclined.

Let me know if I can send her your way. She is $30 plus shipping.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Dijon Toile

UPDATE: Dijon Toile is in inventory.
The little dijon mustard colored bag has wine accents and gorgeous fluffy wine and yellow trim. A satin bow on top gives her a touch of class. She also has wine colored lining with a toile accent pocket. She is very versatile and could be carried all around town with a tee shirt and jeans or she could add a touch of class to a spring dress. She is about 12"x12" and is offered at $35.00 which is a little less than the normal purse rate. Please let me know if I can send dijon mustard to you.