Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out At 4th Street

I've been thinking lots about how and where I want to sell my bags and accessories. Do I knock on doors at boutiques and galleries? Do I concentrate on the home party business where people come, sit around a grilfriend's dining room table and design their own bags? Or should I focus on the magic of the internet, designing and making what I love and then hope for the best in sales?

Without focus I find myself spread rather thin. Happily chasing opportunies as they come and waking in the middle of the night with design ideas, but still still running chasing my tail.

So here is the part where you expect me to give you the big answer right? Here is the new Pink Evita business plan. Except there is no true definitive business plan. I'm still learning. I'm still tossing proverbial spaghetti up against a wall and seeing what will stick. Perhaps true direction will come, maybe it won't. As long as I get to keep designing what I love, I suppose the rest will have to wait.

And yet, here is a gem amongst my clouded convoluted mind and opposition to definitive direction. 4th Street Gallery in Covington, IN. What a gem this gallery is amongst the flatlands of rural western Indiana. Owner Deb Duncan is as delightful as they come. Her gorgeous gallery, with it's soaring ceilings, seafoam green walls and plenty of turn of the century wainscotting is absolutely captivating. She has a wonderful mix of art; there is pottery, glass art, jewelry, silk scarves and now...Pink Evita bags. Yes, the super smart business lady convinced me to leave my very favorite pieces for her to sell. If you are in the area of Covington, IN you must visit her and her Corgi called Opey. (I almost left with him.)

The next few weeks bring a few home parties. I must admit working with and meeting the ladies who attend these events are my favorite part of the job. Scrambling to make those design your own pieces, well, brings new challenges. She says grinning.

That's what's new and cooking over here at Pink Evita. I'll keep you posted if that brilliant business plan wakes me one morning at 3am. Until then, go visit 4th Street Gallery.

UPDATED: Deb emailed me the day after I visited the gallery to tell me she'd already sold three pieces. Yippee. Chalk one up to girl power and intuition.