Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emme's Bag and Dress

Recently, an adoptive mom asked me to make her a messenger bag to carry when she brings home her daughter from China in a few months. She had more of that glorious Michael Miller fabric with the Chinese Kids and was willing to let me work with it. I swear I'm still not tired of that material even after working several projects.

Here is her new bag.
I've made this bag a few times so there wasn't too much mystery on what it would look like when done.

The tee shirt dress on the other hand required a little winging it. Right up my alley. I must admit I love not completely knowing how a project will turn out. Creating the sash bow took a little time to figure out how long and how wide...but going into Olivia's closet to find something with a sash to use as a reference point just was not feasible since she was napping. Planning ahead might not always be a strong point for me.

Here it is. Tee shirt dress for little almost 2 year old who will come home this winter.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh, so this is the Holiday Rush....

Hmmm, apparently I shouldn't have sat around all summer making fun pincushions and matching twirly skirts for the girls. Oh, but how much did I love those twirly skirts...and the tutus...yes, I loved making the tutus.

But now it's all about business around here. I might have seen the writing on the wall and spent a little time this summer sewing steely gray fall wintery bags with wonderful black 2" fringe. Or broken out the creamy chocolate chenille with amazing light peach flowers woven in and added the peachy cream silk fringe on a few bags. Oh, so this is why you see that darn Christmas stuff in stores before Halloween...people will buy it! Early!


I had a show last week and ended up with orders for over 17 bags to be made up as quickly as possible. And those wonderful ladies even walked out with several of my fall inventory bags.

Here they are...

They all turned out just fine, but man I was sewing in my sleep.

Now I have a few more in the hopper and almost nothing in inventory. And two shows at the end of November.

Sadly enough, there won't be any more goofing around with tutus and scarves for the dog.

The dog says, thank you. And she will be happy to accept a bandana scarf in January. She would also like to request a little zippered pouch and key fob to match.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Is Here

You know, owning your own small business is sometimes a little like being on a deserted island. On one hand basking in the warm sun and sand all by yourself is amazingly relaxing but then again with no one help row the boat when you want to go ashore for lunch, you are never sure how hard to jump up and down waving the flag trying to grab the water taxi when you know you need civilization.

It is so easy for me to bask in the warm sun of my sewing room. I can completely lose myself in there just creating things. But the reality of it is that if this is a part time job gig, which it is...then I gotta get to work handling some of the business aspects of life as well.

The last few weeks I've booked a few home parties and last week even participated in an open house craft show. (I was reluctant to do it...but then did very well.) So well in fact that my fall stock was all but cleared out and I have a home party on Thursday. Yikes, two days away and I have to have something to take to this party.

So, I've been locked up slurping down coke zeros for strength the last few days trying to boost my fall inventory.

Want to see what I've got so far?

Big pink polka dot tote with black fringe.

Pink checks on the inside to match.

Here is a blue and chocolate brown velvet flocking evening bag with dark brown fringe on top to match. Oooh, I could almost eat that funky fringe on top.

Next up is a steely gray bag with a shiny silver vinyl bottom. There is even a little makeup bag that matches. It zippers. I am happy when I have tons of zippered pouches in my life.

And finally, I present a large raspberry floral and chenille stripe tote. It has lots of heavy black fringe on top and has pockets for pens plus 3 extra roomy places for lots of important goodies.

Technically this one is sold, my neighbor wants it for a birthday gift to take to a friend's house this weekend, but she's letting me keep it for Thursday's show for display.

So, only a few more samples of cash and carry bags and I'll be almost ready for my show. Maybe...probably...oh, yes definitely. Ok, I seriously hope the ladies want to do some design your own and have them delivered in a few weeks.

I'm picking up another coke zero and heading back to the deserted island.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Fabulous Miss M

This is the fabulous Miss M. She has a new Pink Evita bag, just her size and perfect for taking along on a fall day's trike ride.

The fabulous Miss M lived with my Olivia in China.

The last time I met the fabulous Miss M she was taking a dip in the resort pool at the White Swan hotel on Shaiman Island, getting used to being sprung from the big house and loving her new forever Mama.

Now she's got places to go and people to meet on that tricycle. Go, M go!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Handbags

Handbag goodness...apparently you can win a free handbag...not my handbags...but handbags nonetheless and did I mention free? Here.

And the answer is I might consider carrying a handbag not personally constructed by moi...if said handbag was a delicious bit of yummyness and it was shiny.

I like shiny.