Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh, so this is the Holiday Rush....

Hmmm, apparently I shouldn't have sat around all summer making fun pincushions and matching twirly skirts for the girls. Oh, but how much did I love those twirly skirts...and the tutus...yes, I loved making the tutus.

But now it's all about business around here. I might have seen the writing on the wall and spent a little time this summer sewing steely gray fall wintery bags with wonderful black 2" fringe. Or broken out the creamy chocolate chenille with amazing light peach flowers woven in and added the peachy cream silk fringe on a few bags. Oh, so this is why you see that darn Christmas stuff in stores before Halloween...people will buy it! Early!


I had a show last week and ended up with orders for over 17 bags to be made up as quickly as possible. And those wonderful ladies even walked out with several of my fall inventory bags.

Here they are...

They all turned out just fine, but man I was sewing in my sleep.

Now I have a few more in the hopper and almost nothing in inventory. And two shows at the end of November.

Sadly enough, there won't be any more goofing around with tutus and scarves for the dog.

The dog says, thank you. And she will be happy to accept a bandana scarf in January. She would also like to request a little zippered pouch and key fob to match.

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