Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scurrying To the Party

I've been happy crazy busy getting the bits and pieces of the sewing room that usually look like this....whipped into some semblance of order for the upcoming purse parties I have booked this fall.

I honestly have no idea whether or not ladies will want to come to an open house party where they can sit at a table and design a bag of their own from 33 different fabric options, 9 fuzzy trim options, 20 ribbon choices, and 3 different types of closures. Theoretically they will design something highly personalized and then I will whip it up into a tangible reality in 2-3 weeks. I will deliver it and all will be good in the world with a sporty new one of a kind bag on that lady's arm. We are serving wine...don't you think that might help the creative juices flow? Invitations for the first 2 parties have already been sent.

In the unlikely (she says skeptically) event that someone might attend but get utterly overwhelmed with fabric swatches, and fuzzy black trim shedding all over a dining room table, I've decided to make up as many little bags as my fingers can muster so that someone can simply opt to relax, write a check and walk away that very evening with a Pink Evita bag.

Do some of them look familiar? As in they have also been featured for sale on the blog? Yes, I'm shamelessly plugging them in bloggyland and in real life. Whoever speaks up first gets her, that's how the game is played. Of course, there is always another bag to be invented and whipped up so no worries if someone is a little late on the punch.

I must admit it is a little strange for me to fly by the seat of my pants in this itty bitty business adventure. Previous business ventures for me have always included and cubicle and 2 weeks paid vacation. I'm getting older now and am seriously considering what it will be like to be old, sitting on a front porch somewhere and taking the time to reflect on a life lived.

I want to have lived...truly lived...taken risks...failed and succeeded. Loved and lost. And loved again. I want to have created something beautiful. Have kids playing at my feet, when I am not the one solely responsible for their dinner needs...aka grandparent someone. The thought of playing life completely safe and worrying what everyone else will think, simply does not have the attraction it once did. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone think you unique and somewhat of a character in old age?

And so, for right now it is little fabric handbags. May they sell moving onto each ladies arm and make them smile. Then I will be proud as an old lady sitting on that porch.

Animal Instinct

This little mini 10"x10" sized bag has animal magnetism with its black velvet tiger striping. There is no camoflauge though since it sports bright contrasting aqua blue satin ribbons.

It has heavy black furry trim on the top and is lined with black satin material. The contrasting pocket is of course, tiger stripes.

When you want a bag is that something different...Animal Instinct could be the one.

Four Pink Ladies

We are four little pink ladies. We are mini/kiddie sized at 10"x10" each.

We are the perfect gift for a little lady with our pink furry tops and beads and ribbons. We are fully lined with matching flowery material and have magnetic snap closures.

Then again, that lady doesn't have to be so little. There are many of us not so littles who would love to take us to dinner one summer evening.

Alas, we are at the end of our summer season and have been discounted $5.00 each to make room for our chocolate brown and cranberry red friends.

We can go home for $20.00 each.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Date Night

A little wristlet...all alone ready for an adult drink. Preferably at some swanky restaurant. I go equally well with jeans and high heels or that special little black dress.

I'm zippered at the top and have two little pleats, making it seam like I am wearing my own little wristlet skirt. I'm 8"wide and 6"tall. I'm fully lined in black and just big enough for a credit card and red lipstick.

My black floral design is velvet! My bronze color is a stiff satiny material.

My handle is coordinating tiger stripe material. Roar.

Mod Bubbles

I am a funky mix of browns and blues in a funky retro bubble fashion.

My bottom is a heavy wavy chenille. I have a coordinating button closure. I also have a tan row of fluff on my top.

I'm a walking optical illusion. I like to keep them all guessing.

I'm a great day trip size, 17"wide by 13" tall. I have a nice sized pocket. I'm $55.00.

Purple Roses

Texas has a yellow rose, right? Pink Evita has a purple rose. Aubergine really...but that sounds
a bit pretentious yes? Fun to say though, try it. Aubergine.

How about purply eggplant? Yes and gorgeous steel colored silk to offset. I have a fluffy band of eggplant colored trim.

I'm a new size for Pink Evita. 15"wide x 7" tall.
Rather chic...if I don't say so myself.

My inside is more lovely purple chenille. I automatically snap closed with a magnetic closure.
I'm the Chic size.

Froggy Love

Ribbit. My red fall checks are set off with little frogs hopping all over. Dare I say country frogs? Well, maybe but with an updated funky twist. I have a green green chenille bottom and fluffy green trim. I'm closed with a green polka dot ribbon.

I'm amphibiously cute.

Here is my inside. A nice lighter weight tan lining with big froggy pocket.

Do you know a frog lover? Would she like frogs for Christmas or a birthday? I'd really like to go home to a froggy friend...Martini @ 6 size.

Ferns and Grapes

Fall grapes come in during the fall? They do over here at Pink Evita. I am the largest tote bag offering of the fall coming in at a whopping 18" wide and 12" tall. You could almost take me overnight somewhere...if you were packing a little lingerie, some makeup and a toothbrush...kidding. I could also easily handle lots of diapers and sippy cups. Did that ruin the mood?

I have the prettiest fern sculpted sueded bottom and green fluffy trim up top. I auto close with a magnetic snap.

Here I am on the inside. Big pockets. Coordinating stripey material. Loads of fun.

I'm Big Pink Love size.

Tangerine Dream

I am a goofy mix of chartreuse and tangerine geometric circles. Rather retro if you will. I have a deep dark brown chenille velvet bottom and tangerine coordinating handles. I have a super high end fluffy trim top with a mix of oranges and browns. I close with the prettiest brown satin ribbon.

Want to see my insides?

Yes, more fabulous fall muted orange. Coordinating pocket, of course. I made made up so over the top boutique I like to say. Perhaps it is because that Pink Evita could not control herself on a recent buying trip and had to head for the expensive embellishments.

Fall Geometrics

I'm the cutest little funky fall geometrics bag in
rich browns and simple tans. I have a black suede bottom and a double layer of black loopy trim on my top. I'm fully lined and of course I have a pocket.

I'm not too big. Just 10" wide and 12" deep. I automatically snap closed with a magnetic closure.

Take me home, I'll be the talk of your next ladies lunch. Martini @6 size.

Pink Dragonfly

I am a chocolate and pink dragonfly. I have a button closure that matches my little coordinating flowery bottom. I am the Go Everywhere size. I have plenty of room for wallets, makeup bags, and butterflies if you carry them.
Dragonflies like to hang with butterflies.

The picture of my lined inside with pocket better reflects my true color, deep chocolate brown and lovely medium pink.