Saturday, November 15, 2008

Verdict's Out

Since I make so many bags I'm always on a mission to come up with something different and exciting, in a artsy kind of way. But alas, some projects come out a little more on the home crafty side. Less artistic and more well, um...she didn't have fabric that matched so it's a little home crafty looking. Maybe I'm walking a fine line between what really works with some of the new bags I'm working on and well, quite frankly what doesn't. I suppose I'm pushing the limit a little bit in hopes of creating things that are truly different. I always want to come up with new ideas that people don't see at every weekend craft show.

Here is one where the verdict is out. I was so excited to make this bag, I was sure it would be amazing. Even when my dear friend and sometimes business advisor gave me the most polite thumbs down ever. Ha Ha. Now, I'm not so sure. I've even put the bag aside for a few days and have pulled it back out in hopes of seeing it with a less attached critical eye. No luck, still unsure.

The front is black and bronze with velvet flocking. The back is black velvet. The front pocket is black velvet with a shock of hot pink duponi silk that forms a band on the pocket. The pink silk is repeated as the lining. (That part I do love.) Then the handles are black and tan little leopard spots.

There is a large pocket on the inside that is made of the black velveteen. Also yummy.

What do you think? Oohh, so different in a one of a kind artsy way or oh dear, 7th grade craft project gone wrong?

Did Picasso kiss a few toads?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soon To Be The Holidays

I'm still here...locked in the back room...sewing away. Perhaps I'll toss my hair down the window and wait for a prince on a white horse to gallop on by.

In between a few custom orders I've just been toiling away desperately trying to guess what people will want to see and buy at 2 shows I have coming up next weekend. Will they want little pouches and key fobs for stocking suffers and teacher gifts? Or will they want bigger ticket items like amazing one of a kind over the body bags?

Baby blue suede with coordinating chenille prints on the bag flaps. Oh baby, is right.

Or, would people be more interested in holiday bags? I myself am not a huge cute holiday bag gal with Santas or Frosty, I guess I'm always looking for something a little more understated. Would I be completely outing myself if I admitted publicly that I did indeed sport a randy holiday sweater in the 1990's complete with tin soldier? Oh, What Not To Wear, where are you when I have needed you so badly?

So would a huge iridescent red bow be considered understated?

How about a satin sash?

These are sort of in the spirit of the holiday season without screaming Jingle Bells right?

Oh I know, I must step away and just go back to design something new.

I have this amazing scrap of leopard print chenille that I'm dying to mix with bright red fringe. It's a disaster waiting to happen I know it.