Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soon To Be The Holidays

I'm still here...locked in the back room...sewing away. Perhaps I'll toss my hair down the window and wait for a prince on a white horse to gallop on by.

In between a few custom orders I've just been toiling away desperately trying to guess what people will want to see and buy at 2 shows I have coming up next weekend. Will they want little pouches and key fobs for stocking suffers and teacher gifts? Or will they want bigger ticket items like amazing one of a kind over the body bags?

Baby blue suede with coordinating chenille prints on the bag flaps. Oh baby, is right.

Or, would people be more interested in holiday bags? I myself am not a huge cute holiday bag gal with Santas or Frosty, I guess I'm always looking for something a little more understated. Would I be completely outing myself if I admitted publicly that I did indeed sport a randy holiday sweater in the 1990's complete with tin soldier? Oh, What Not To Wear, where are you when I have needed you so badly?

So would a huge iridescent red bow be considered understated?

How about a satin sash?

These are sort of in the spirit of the holiday season without screaming Jingle Bells right?

Oh I know, I must step away and just go back to design something new.

I have this amazing scrap of leopard print chenille that I'm dying to mix with bright red fringe. It's a disaster waiting to happen I know it.

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