Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Flower Power

Step away from your wintery black suede bag. Carefully toss it up in the closet, but please step gently away.

It's time for flower power to brighten your day. This 11 1/2" x 12" tall bag is pieced together with stripes of coordinating pink, brown, aqua and lime green that go all the way around the bag vertically. It is completely lined with a soft cotton coordinating material of all the same colors. Four large pockets completely line the inside of this bag and a magnetic closure will hold all the goodies inside.

Flower Power is $45.00

Crazy Monkey

I just couldn't help myself from giggling when patching this funky monkey bag together. I was hoping the silly monkeys would become even more whimsical when patchworked together in 5" squares. The bag is now 14"x14" and is lined with a soft red flannel.

The insides are completely lined all the way around the bag with 5 large pockets. It has a magnetic snap closure. It could easily be used as a diaper bag or just a super fun everyday bag. This funky monkey would be an idea shower gift for the new mama who loves something a little bit different than baby pastels for her diaper bag.

Both sides of the bag have this patchwork melding crazy dots with adorable sock monkeys.

Monkey is $50.00

Peachy Love

This 14"x14" tote bag with magnetic closure and large inside pocket is interfaced with cotton quilt-like material. It gives the bag a soft yet stable feel.

It is the perfect spring bag to use as an everyday purse or to stow small items for a day trip.

It's 25" handles easily fit over your shoulder. The mix of soft cottons in light chocolate browns, creams, and peach add to the sweet quilt look of this bag.

Peachy Love is $50.00 and ready to go to a good home.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Blanket Set

My youngest daughter is almost 2 1/2 and I still admit to being a baby blanket hound. I love them and simply cannot stand to send any to Goodwill despite the fact that we have too many to count. We have them knitted, crocheted, cotton, jersey knit, chenille and of course the beloved satin mix named Pink. I might just have to completely annoy my daughters and save each and every last one for their children.

When I spotted this Michael Miller Chinese Kids material and saw how nicely it washes into a soft baby cheek worthy cotton...I got the idea to mix it with some ultra soft baby chenille. This is the result. Stroller blanket or crib blanket with To-Go Diaper caddy to match. The caddy is only big enough for about 2 diapers and a plastic slimline wipe case. Perfect to toss in the stroller or take out to a restaurant when you don't want to lug the 15 lbs. of baby paraphernalia.

Take a look....

The back of the blanket is the same soft sage green chenille and could possibly be baby's favorite lovey.

The set is $45.00 plus $7.00 to ship. If you purchase it as a gift, I will wrap the set up with a darling bow and ship for you.

Stay tuned for two more color options coming soon.

Hint: Little Boy Blue Nursery Rhyme in Retro 1930's style and Mod Hot Pink and Brown Floral for a favorite baby girl.

Lazy Girl

The aqua and brown colors of this 18"x13" purse make a perfect transition to spring. She has a flap closure fixed with magnetic closure over the middle of the bag. Rounded wooden handles fit comfortably over your elbow. She is very roomy inside to carry lots of loot and even has 9, yes 9 pockets that completely line in the inside of the bag.

What a fun bag for a day trip or even as a small overnight bag, perhaps for a pair of jeans a tee shirt and toiletries.

Lazy Girl is $45.00.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Purple Waves of Groove

This little bag was designed by a girl at a party this weekend. I think it reminds me of one of those amazing Pucci scarves of the 1960's. So darn fun.

Of course I have a stack of this wavy material and coordinating stripes because I fell immediately in love with it at the store and jumped to buy a truck load. Let me know if you like it too and I will make you a bag and perhaps a belt to match too.


Oh, the trim

I took 22 inches of this amazing blue and brown ribbon trim to a Pink Evita Design Your Own party this weekend. I took 22 inches of the trim because it was all I had. I brought it on a whim to see if anyone could come up with a good idea for this amazing remnant.

Low and behold one lady snatched it up and paired it with this brown acetate embroidered material. I wasn't sure at first..thinking maybe the blue's did not perfectly match. I was wrong it is perfect. I can't wait to give it to her. I even designed the bag's measurements around the strip of ribbon trim.

I want one of my own...but alas the remnant issue. Truly one of a kind yes?

Oh, it will be so darn cute going out to dinner or to a show.

Black and White Dots

I just had a commission to make this black and white dot zipper tote. The new owner chose a wonderful green floral to mix.
I decided to use this squishy thick quilt like interfacing so the bag is thick. I hope not too thick. :)

I like the look and think it will make a fun spring tote, we'll see what she says.

It has the best green and white polka dot lining and tons of pockets all along the inside. That part I really do love.

Ugh, I'll report back if the thick squishy stuff doesn't fly.