Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lake Lovely

I've been here for the last five days. And oh, is Northern Michigan just lovely. To make this scene even more amazing is the fact that I was able to hang with some girlfriends and chill out with wine and women while watching this.

What a super re-charger of a trip. No little children asking for snacks 16 times a day, no one to bathe and put to bed at 8pm, no one to taxi drive to gymnastics class. Ahhh, heaven. Only for 5 days...of course I still want my life back, but I have to be honest it was heaven.

Here I am at the dock photographing my shadow.
Have you ever seen such a clean lake? Sand bottomed clean lake! We went up to Old Mission Bay and stopped at a winery or two or four, I lost count, it was delightful. It took all day to meander through the bay area and stop at wineries and finish up the day at a funky microbrew pub for dinner.

But now I'm home. My babies picked fresh wildflowers for me. How sweet they are. My darling 7 year old stared at me moon eyed for the first 2 hours I was home. My three year old gave me the tightest hug ever known in our house when she saw me step through the door.

Even my sewing machine seemed to be slightly rejuvenated after I tossed in a load of laundry, paid bills and fired her back up again. Here is what she helped me create this afternoon.

The picture doesn't show the cutie pie pleats in the purple chenille very well. But this truly is a sweet little bag. It measures only about 11" wide and 7" tall. The handle drops 10" and is perfect for a close fit over your shoulder. Pop a vintage pin or button on the front and I'm thinking what a super fall bag. I'm headed back to the drawing board for some other funky color combinations now that I know I like the shape.

So, here we go. Fall is around the corner. Preschool starts this week. I'm committed to three fall art shows and the whisper of seasonal change is in the air.