Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sisters designed these Big Pink Love bags. They have lots of diapers and sippy cups to carry.

Lucky them!

They opted for little change bags to accompany. Momma's gotta have a little space for a lipstick after all. It's only right.


Take me to dinner, and a show. Preferably an expensive show. I'm no cheap date.

Or maybe beer and brats.

No, really I need dinner and a show.

A skirt to hide lunch

I think this bag looks like it chose a skirt to hide a mid day large lunch. My kind of dressing.

The holidays are around the corner you know.

It has brown velvet chenille handles and bottom to match.

Where do I find a skirt like that?

Where has the time gone?

Obviously I've been sewing bags 'o plenty and not blogging or posting pictures. Seriously, I think I've made over 80 bags this fall alone. Time to post a few pic'ies.