Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Here...but lost in the sewing room

Time is zipping away. Poof gone...3 weeks in a flash. I keep wanting to post to ye' ole blog but then realize oh my goodness, that is 20 minutes that I could spend toiling away in the sewing room prepping for the next show. This fall season I signed up for six shows in 9 weeks. Which quite frankly is somewhat insane for me. You know me, little old WAHM with 2 small children, one 23 lb. puggle, and one muffin man to take care of. But, I'm doing it. Scrambling, but doing it.
I said scrambling right?

I committed to these shows really wanting to learn what is the best market for my little traveling market. What sells in public events best? Should I do preschool/church bazaars? Will people make an $80.00 impulse buy or is the threshold a little lower? Will people like my sometimes goofy sense of color and design? Through all of the crazed mania of running the normal cul-de-sac activities plus attending these shows I do feel like I have a better idea of what will work for my business.

For anyone out there who might be are a few things I've learned.

1. When setting up a booth at a fair or market have several smaller lower price point items and set them front and center on the table.

2. Attention to detail and neatness and a pretty table really do count. I have seen lots of booths with gorgeous things but they were laid flat on a white table...people don't stop to look if it isn't eye catching, colorful or interesting. Even then the stuff on the table is really cool.

3. Making eye contact with even the most reclusive shopper really does help.

4. When working a show, skip the "oh, so cute" but pinchy shoes. Those dogs will be barkin' 8 hours in, trust me.

5. Meeting other artistians and crafty folks is part of the fun of it all. I have coffee dates set up with a few of the most amazingly talented women I've met over the past few weeks. I'm very excited to begin sharing with other artzy'ies out there.

Tomorrow I'm off to combined open house home show. I've never done one like this that will last for 2 1/2 days. Oh, the digs are super lovely and I get to camp out in the hostess dining room. Yeeesssss. If you are in the Carmel, IN local area and want to see some gorgeous art, jewelry and ok, a few handbags too... stop by the Village of West Clay Village Boutique this weekend. (See the side bar for the address.)