Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Is Here

You know, owning your own small business is sometimes a little like being on a deserted island. On one hand basking in the warm sun and sand all by yourself is amazingly relaxing but then again with no one help row the boat when you want to go ashore for lunch, you are never sure how hard to jump up and down waving the flag trying to grab the water taxi when you know you need civilization.

It is so easy for me to bask in the warm sun of my sewing room. I can completely lose myself in there just creating things. But the reality of it is that if this is a part time job gig, which it is...then I gotta get to work handling some of the business aspects of life as well.

The last few weeks I've booked a few home parties and last week even participated in an open house craft show. (I was reluctant to do it...but then did very well.) So well in fact that my fall stock was all but cleared out and I have a home party on Thursday. Yikes, two days away and I have to have something to take to this party.

So, I've been locked up slurping down coke zeros for strength the last few days trying to boost my fall inventory.

Want to see what I've got so far?

Big pink polka dot tote with black fringe.

Pink checks on the inside to match.

Here is a blue and chocolate brown velvet flocking evening bag with dark brown fringe on top to match. Oooh, I could almost eat that funky fringe on top.

Next up is a steely gray bag with a shiny silver vinyl bottom. There is even a little makeup bag that matches. It zippers. I am happy when I have tons of zippered pouches in my life.

And finally, I present a large raspberry floral and chenille stripe tote. It has lots of heavy black fringe on top and has pockets for pens plus 3 extra roomy places for lots of important goodies.

Technically this one is sold, my neighbor wants it for a birthday gift to take to a friend's house this weekend, but she's letting me keep it for Thursday's show for display.

So, only a few more samples of cash and carry bags and I'll be almost ready for my show. Maybe...probably...oh, yes definitely. Ok, I seriously hope the ladies want to do some design your own and have them delivered in a few weeks.

I'm picking up another coke zero and heading back to the deserted island.

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chinamom said...

All is not lost! I think you are doing a great job and I am SURE everyone will love your stuff!!! I have one purse and I have to say, it was more than I ever expected. Just take a deep breath and go for it. You will be fine!