Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Cabo 5

A five pack of Mexican cuties. They are a special order for ladies going to Cabo San Lucas in a few months for a girls vacation. Ahhh. Yes, these bags will be sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas by the ocean while Jose the pool boy rubs someone down.

I can hardly contain the jealousy.

Yes, the bags are being displayed on the back of none other than a treadmill. They are working on toning their little legs for bikini season.

All in all I am happy knowing my bags will be going international even if I won't be going to Mexico in person.

They are a mix of embroidered cotton, each with matching beading and fun ribbons. Miss Cabo selected button closures rather than Pink Evita's signature bow on top. Even the gal in the lap of luxury needs a little practicality in her life.

It is inspiration for a fun spring bag isn't it?

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