Monday, August 25, 2008


I will admit to not usually being "taken" with too much character wear. I sort of cringed when my then 3 year old daughter went through a Pooh Bear phase and wanted to wear a hand-me-down Pooh jacket each and every day for 5 very long months of my life. I'm much more laid back about what my second daughter wears...and quite frankly am pretty darn pleased with myself when she
steps off the cul-de-sac in something covering a diaper and dare I say it...has a clean tee shirt to boot. I'm simply too old and too tired to fight about whether the pink sandals match the dress these days.

In a step away from my character wear snobbiness...I stumbled on some Olivia the Pig material recently. And, yes my little 2 year old's name is Olivia but I was smitten with the material because quite frankly I think it ROCKS. So, I had to have it in not one but two colors.

I have serious doubts whether anyone would have the slightest interest in Olivia The Pig material on a tote bag but on a whim I made it up anyway. Build the bag and they will come right?

I interfaced this bag with this amazing new stuff and boy oh is super lightweight but fabulously stiff and holds its shape perfectly.

I've also discovered the wonderful world of key fobs. Yes, I know other designers/crafters have been doing this for a while but who am I if not one to follow a trend dreadfully late? So, the key fob in the picture comes with the bag and there is a neato clasp hook directly sewn into the bag for the keys to hook directly on! No more keys dropping to the bottom of the bag!

Because the person interested in this bag might have a child...dare I guess...there are also 4 large bucket pockets sewn into the lining.

Miss Olivia the Pig is 14" x 14" with 25" handles and sells for $60.00. You can get her over at Pink or by emailing me.

I am now off to much more dignified work. My girls NEED fancy halloween candy baskets in this incredible witch hat material I scored at a 40% off sale this weekend. Yikes, it is uber cute. Oh, and they don't know it yet but the candy baskets will have huge orange satin bows! See me smile, see me swoon for huge orange bows.

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Anonymous said...

You don't know this about me, but when my kids were young I was President of the CWSC (Character Wear Snobs Club, of course)! My little ones were allowed to have character underwear and character bed sheets. That's it. It actually worked quite well - they got their fill and I have to admit there's a certain bit of oh-so-cute-ness when it comes to Barney on a 3 year old bottom! Aside from that (and not having a clue who Olivia the Pig babies are 18 & 14), I love the bag and key fob! It doesn't look character-ish at all!! You go, crafty girl!!

I can't wait to see the candy bags!!

Troy, OH