Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Princess Crown

I felt like taking a break from belts and bags today. Mostly because it is just one of those days where the Muffin Man is traveling...out selling widgets to midgets and I'm here holding down the fort. There are precious few days left before the official start of 1st grade. Six days and counting if you must know.

I bought a few plain tee shirts on clearance at Target recently for each of the girls. I've been feeling the need to applique something recently. Why? I have no idea. But when I get an idea in my usually gets stuck and then starts niggleing me uncontrollably, until I do something about it. Like, just applique the little crown on the tee shirt already and then move onto key fobs or something. It is hard to live in my brain sometimes. If only it was as driven to scrub a toilet or wet mop a kitchen floor, if only.

Here is Ava's little princess crown. Does she look like she is merely tolerating my request for photographic evidence that I sewed a little crown on a tee shirt? This is appliqued courtesy of some scrap Amy Butler material. She'll be the princess of all princesses at Forest Dale Elementary. Although, I don't suppose she truly needed the tee shirt for us all to believe that one.

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Pam H. said...

Very cute! I wish I knew how to dress up a plain t shirt like that!