Monday, September 8, 2008

Measure, Cut, Sew Repeat

Late last week and into the weekend it was a little like ground hog day around here. I was watching lots of little Chinese kids take form. And, no it wasn't Ava and Olivia taking form...although they were running amok much of the time in and out of the sewing room, it was these Chinese kids.
Yes, I know if you watch the blog they might look familiar...but I got another custom order to do several mini totes using the Michael Miller Chinese kids material.

Just when I thought I had done just about everything possible with this material. (I've made twirly skirts, totes, purses, zipper bags, and business card holders, gah!) I was asked to make a crayon caddy too.

It turned out so cute my 2 year old could hardly keep her little mits off of it. I remained firm and promised her I'd make her one of her own soon and popped it in the big box to be shipped. I'm sure the real owner of this crayon caddy would not appreciate gently used crayons and missing pages of white paper.

Normally when I finish a big order like this I am very happy to clean the sewing room and package the goods in their box getting ready for shipment. Good bye, order! Hope the next one involves a change in color scheme or weight of material. But over the weekend I lingered, watching all the bags neatly lined up on the work table. I had a fleeting thought that I might take them and hang them all around the room like Chinese lanterns. But, then I took a swig of Coke and snapped out of it. The Muffin Man bought me a big box and they are off to their new home today. I hope their adoption reunion is big fun, and all those little kids are healthy and happy in their forever homes.


Pam H. said...

I loooove them!! I'll be stalking the mail man waiting for these cuties to arrive. I wouldn't have minded if there had been a drawing already in my crayon caddy!
Thank you again!!


Michelle said...

This fabric is for sure one of my favorites. I am still loving the messenger bag you made out of it for me. I'm getting ready to use it this weekend for a quick weekend trip away!