Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, the cutest little dresses

I do love making handbags, that is for sure. I make them all the time. I often feel as though I'm stealing time from my family just to get up in my sewing room and start sifting fabrics through my fingers all in hopes that it will soon be some whimsical funky bag on some lady's shoulder.

I do all of my sewing on my two beloved Husquavarna machines. I don't have a serger, haven't really needed one as all of my edges are hidden and pressed away on the bags and wallets.


I've been thinking. I see all of these adorable, I mean killer cute kids outfits and I can't help but think...I could do that. I know I could. But, when I try to make my girls clothes I am bothered by my scratchy rather unprofessional seams. My girls sometimes complain when I gather a skirt and the inside seam is well, a little fuzzy and ummm...bulky.

So I've been thinking serger. Cheap, hearty runs like gold serger. I want one. So I can make amazing little girls clothes like these.... This gal over at Whimsy Couture has the most adorable tutorials. The photo shows one of her dresses.

Serger...I'm thinking...oh, serger I covet thee.

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