Friday, July 13, 2007

Back To Teaching Even If For A Day

In my younger days, when I was a gainfully employed member of this household I worked teaching adults to use computer software for several years. I loved it. The biggest and bluest of corporations paid me better than decent money to sit around with some darling co-workers and devise really great ways to entertain clients and thinly disguise my work as actually teaching them something they could use and would be happy to pay $200 an hour for. They also paid my way to globe trot a bit, which at the time I considered a huge perk of the job...Spain, Vancouver and Sydney, AUS? Sure sign me up. I only got a wee bit surly when I had to hit Rock Island, IL for a few weeks after seeing Germany. Even though I only got wind of two German airports which were less than a ride at the State Fair, Rock Island was shall we say....Rock Island.

While at the pool a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a neighbor who lives in the next carefully planned suburban development down the way. She told me she loved my bags "good ego stroke there" and would I ever consider teaching a class? Just a short class on how to make one of my basic tote bags.

Ok, I jumped at the chance, even agreeing to a ridiculously low tutorial fee. Some of you may be thinking, "Look deary, if you tell them the closely kept double secret they will be making their own damn bags and will buy nothing from you. Nincompoop." I know, I know. I've mentioned my class to a few friends and have been nicely reprimanded. However, and this is a huge however, I like to teach. I'm even fairly good at it. Cough. I also like the opportunity to polish, or rather dust off an old skill.

In addition, this whole Perrin runs a business business is going rather well as I make a concerned effort to work from my heart. I use my creativity freely and trust the Universe has plans for my nimble fingers and meager mind. Or is it the other way around with the fingers and mind? I gotta say I never worked like this in my previous job. I pushed and cajoled my way into more money and more power. And low and behold my body practically broke from the stress. I seriously want to give this "it's all good and do what you love the money will come" mentality a chance. Yes, I also understand it is pretty darn easy for me when the Muffin Man is taking care of that pesky little thing called the mortgage but I'm trying spirit filled existence nonetheless.

So, the class is July 20th and there are 8 people signed up to learn how to make a bag. 8 whole people, people. I have to admit I'm a wee bit excited. I whipped up a written tutorial, just like the instructional design olden days. It has a pink border, ha!

I'm off to photograph pictures to insert in the tutorial. Whee.


Gracencameronsmomy said...

I would love to take that class! And I would still buy your bags, cuz I'm too lazy to make more than one!

Anonymous said...

I agree with gracencameronsmomy! My daughter and I would love to take your class! How far west of the border are you??? Better yet, you can gather up some non-crafty/non-talented folks here in Ohio to practice your teaching skills on (don't take it personally if we aren't very good students, craftiness is not in Traci & I's blood!).

I've also been wanting to ask you...have you ever considered/desired making a quilt of t-shirts? Have you seen them? I want to have one made for my daughter's graduation but I'm pretty positive I can't accomplish it on my own without a monetary transaction!!

~Sandy G