Saturday, September 1, 2007

Black Velvet Flowers

I'm going to a swanky party. I just have to...I'm too cute to stay at home watching Law and Order re-runs. (Not that Pink Evita would know one thing about that.)

I am Martini @ 6 size (see side bar) and have the softest black suede bottom and handles. My satin ribbon is mocha brown and my body is mocha bronze with black velvet flowers. I have a nice topper of heavy black silky fringe. I even automatically close with my magnetic snaps.

I was designed at a purse party and am sold but of course there is lots of ooey gooey black velvet love to go around if anyone would like a twin.

1 comment:

Tracy and Muriel said...

There is something very Miss America about your bags...

I am...$40.00....
I am...Miss Indiana!