Saturday, September 1, 2007

The First Ever Pink Evita Purse Party

It was a smashing success. I could hardly believe 12 ladies came to the open house style party and I sold 10 bags. I've been scurrying here and dragging the baby there to 4 different vendors all week to make sure I had all the materials needed to fill the orders.

A few people chose to purchase bags already made up that they could see completed at the party. Whew what a relief...because making 6 bags this week was enough for this full time momma, part time production manager of the sewing room.

It was a complete hoot to watch several women congregate around a kitchen table with one little order form in one hand and a pen in the other. I ended up dodging fabric swatches and trim samples as they were flung from one side of the room to another. I hunted and gathered that all too elusive black suede swatch that seemed to match everything. (Will bring more black swatches to the next party.)

I am eternally grateful it went well and have had big fun filling orders this week. Next up on the Pink Evita Design Your Own road show....September 16th.


Anonymous said...

Could Pink Evita do a Road Show in NJ? I am working hard to get all my friends as hopelessly hooked as I already am!
The new bags are stunners and I'm having a very hard time choosing a fabric for the messenger bag.

Anonymous said...

if PE does a road show in Nj..please let know..have several friends in the burbs of the city who might be interested!