Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Ava has been invited to a Bounce House birthday party. I wonder how I could convince the bounce house people to let one very large 38 year old child to bounce away until her heart's content? I'm working on a good plea.

Of course no good self respecting almost 6 year old would show up to a bounce house party without appropriate 6 year old gift in tow. My daughter Ava, will be no exception.

Here it is...the little Ellen. Named for the birthday girl of course. Here is the problem for little Ellen, she decided to be born just a few short days before Christmas. Thus the child gets every toy known to man all within a four day span ranging from December 21st to December 24th. Great when it is late December....not so great in July.

So in the spirit of letting the Pet Shop and Fur Baby toys sit on the shelf one more day....Ellen will receive the tiniest little Pink Evita bag yet. Perfectly sized for a 6 year old's arm. With a little pink fringe I hope it impresses the sweet birthday girl.

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