Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kids Around The World

One of the very best things about owning my own business is having the freedom to make business decisions from the heart. I believe the more I can use my gifts and resources to help others the more happy I find myself. It is really that simple.

I am approached a few times a year to make donations of handmade goods for worthy causes. I consider it a privilege to say yes, and usually like to design something original for auction or charitable give away.

This "Kids Around The World" Mommy and Me set are for Families Thru International Adoption's Fall 2008 Gala Night. They raise thousands of dollars each year to support programs in countries like China, Guatemala and India for children who are not adopted. These are often the kids without families who don't get to come to Western countries and find forever families. Sometimes the money is used to pay for sick children's medical care and sometimes it is used for training purposes for the people who care for children in orphanages. On a personal note, I am also eternally grateful to FTIA for helping the Muffin Man and me to adopt the amazing Ava Jing and over the top adorable Olivia Xi Ge Ge. As it turns out they are now the better 1/2 of the family.

I hope someone sees the Mommy and Me "Kids Around The World" purse set at the auction this fall and digs deep into their pockets to help a worthy cause.

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