Monday, May 12, 2008

The Navy Dream That Could

I attended a Pink Evita "design your own" party late last week and the ladies attending were completely cracking me up. They were an absolute hoot in that many of them had been friends for over 30 years. So many stories so many memories. This is one of my absolute favorite parts of my job in this little bitty business in my corner of the world, getting to meet so many amazing women. Each and every one seems fascinating to me as I meet them at the parties I do. (But then again, I am often starved for conversation with intelligent women OVER the age of 6.) You can see the intelligent women under the age of 6 1/2 here.

One lady came to the party with a bag that she has been carrying for over 10 years. Thinking she might be due for a new handbag, she asked for something green as she sat down at the dining room turned design table. But then she sort of fell for the navy swatches. She asked for a this navy ticking material paired with the apple green dots...which I sort of flinched at in the beginning. However, me of little faith, found this amazing contrasting navy striping for the bottom at the fabric store and I started to get excited. I can make that bag work, I thought to myself. I incorporated a stripe of navy gros grain ribbon that she asked for and here she is. The Navy Dream.

It is 14" by 14" and has generous 26" handles. The bag is completely lined in the green apple polka dots, of course and has 5 internal pockets. Even the pockets have coordinating navy gros grain ribbon affixed...I simply could not resist.

The lady who ordered this bag seemed rather conservative...I do hope she loves it.

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M3 said...

Love it! Is this kick-butt bag for sale or was it a one of a kind for the party? Would love to order one! I checked the box to email me any followup comments to this post just in case it is avail.