Friday, June 20, 2008

Peachy Keen With A Twist of Brown

I just finished this darling 10"x10" peachy brown bag for a special order client. She designed the bag and she really wanted to mix the light cotton with the heavier chocolate brown velvet chenille. The chenille was left over from fall and the floral print is brand new.

The trick to this was to heavily interface the light weight cotton so the finished results would be seemless as far as the weights of the two materials. And, heavily interfaced it is, the thing could probably walk away on its own if I had given it legs. It's the first time I had worked with the super stiff Pelex material.

She also wanted the fringe doubled up. Of course that creates a very fuzzy top. It's perfect balance with the heavier bottom.

So there it will be off in a box to it's new home this weekend.

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