Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Swinging Sling to Beckon Spring

I ordered this Amy Butler pattern as a little Happy New Year's present for myself. I was skipping around the kitchen when it arrived. I knew I would love the bag made up. Of course the zipper pouch for makeup and 1001 goodies is not part of the pattern but since the set is for my mom for her birthday I couldn't resist.

Oh yes, I also have oodles and oodles of this salmon colored material that ironically enough, my mom gave me a while back. She originally bought 5 yards of this salmon decorator weight material from Calico Corners for a drapery project that sort of hit the skids. I found the strangely matchy-fied green material at a decorator street sale a few summers ago. I immediately thought, weird...I think this goes with that load of salmon material I scored at Mom's a while ago. It's been hogging up precious storage space for a while now and quite frankly spoke to me out of the depths of it's storage drawer. At the time I was comtemplating a de-stash project...but that one's on hold as I found myself cutting up the Amy Butler pattern instead. It's lots more fun to make up a new bag rather than clean closets, let's be honest.

I hope my mom likes this slouchy sling as much as I do. This will of course be my spring bag when I get around to making one for myself, which is usually about a month or two after a new season starts.

Also related to the Swinging Sling, I was thinking in the shower this afternoon, no, I didn't exactly shower until afternoon today..long story involving 2 hours I will never get back after speaking with 2 different banks about possible fraud hitting our checking account. Happy New Year some yowzers out there keep trying to access our accounts. But, back to the sling. I think I could make this reversible. Yes, reversible!

Next up, making this swingy sling in coordating materials, losing the inside pockets and making it reversible!

I'm off to package the new salmon bags up for my mom so they might arrive in time for her birthday.


Krissy said...

I love that fabric and that bag :)

Tracy said...

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