Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Party Goodies

My little Olivia is certainly too young to be invited to friend's birthday parties. Or is she? Maybe not, she received her first invitation in the mail last week. Sniff Sniff.

The little girl will be turning 4 and all the kids will be bouncing their little hearts out at this party.

The gift for the birthday girl? Here it is. An applique'd tee shirt with her name and cupcake. You know the cupcake was the fun part right? Yes, I did spend 1/2 an hour sewing the little glass beads on the frosting to look like sparkly sugar.

And because every little girl needs a ribbon drawstring pouch to match each tee shirt. Hmmm...blogger why are you turning my picture? I'm not happy with you, blogger.

Ever since I made the drawstring pouch for my daughter's friend, I've been obsessed with these darling little lined pouches and am determined that everyone I know will be getting one in the next several months.

Take a peek at this wonderful online tutorial. I downloaded it and was able to make the pouch in about 1/2 an hour! It is a great way to use small amounts of fabric from your stash. I'm using small bits of ribbons and beads too making them up.

Ahhh, summer time crafty'ness. I will get back to the very serious business of bags galore very soon. I promise. Say it three times. I'm ready to start the serious business of bag design, um, very soon.

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