Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off To Market

Last week it was off to market for Pink Evita. I set up and broke down the "shop" two times in two days. That is right, as a complete martyr and glutton for punishment I participated in two shows in two days.

And then I collapsed onto the couch and didn't even unpack the truck until the weekend. I couldn't do that every week but it was a fun ride while it lasted.

I'm testing the market by choosing to participate in a wide variety of art and craft shows this fall and holiday season. I chose a church function, which by the way was an amazing 3 hours of fun and selling frenzy...thank you ladies so very much of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I do hope to be invited back again next year. Then I chose a highly publicized event that was supposed to bring in 1500 ladies to shop for a 9 hour event. Gah, exhausting and not fabulous in the sales department, but ohhh, the people watching was amazing. I had the pleasure of being situated next to the nicest jewelry sales person ever and yes, by about 6 hours into the event we were drinking wine. Not sure about that show for next year.

Next up is the first ever Hoosier Artisan Show on October 17th at Oak Hill Mansion in Carmel, IN. (My hometown..now.) I am so darn skippy excited to be exhibiting with 50 other Hoosier artisans, this show is all handmade and all local. It is free to the public, so stop on by to say hello. I'm honored I could get a space and look forward to just hanging out with the other vendors. Look at this website...oooh, I'm sending the checkbook with the muffin man and letting him loose. While I exhibit, he can pick up some nice goodies for his lovely bride, that would be me. (I didn't say young bride, just lovely.)

Later in November I am also participating in a private home show and an open to the public show that will showcase local artisans. I'm testing the waters to see what works best for my little wee business. Is it better to pay the money to get into the larger more highly publicized public events or is it a better fit to focus on work of mouth sales and participate in smaller more private shows? I'm taking notes, people, taking notes and will report findings soon.

This week...ahhh, just working on a few custom orders. I love custom orders where people get so excited about ideas they have created. It is extra special fun as people consider handmade for gift giving this Christmas season.

These little zipper pouches with matching key fobs were a custom order and are going home today! The are girlfriend Christmas gifts. Apparently this group of ladies meets each holiday season for a gal pal dinner. This year the gals will each be receiving zipper pouch sets customized to their color preferences.

I'm off to go cut out some felt to make two Halloween poodles skirts. Yes, I know two little girls who want to be transported back to 1955 on Halloween eve. Yes, I'll post pictures of my gals in their new crinolines when I get them done!

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