Thursday, July 19, 2007

Black and White Voodoo

I was perusing one of my favorite fabric shops a few weeks ago and stumbled on the prettiest black and white summer weight material. I loved it but simply couldn't justify buying it since I am now buying fall materials for bags the esty shop, two purse parties coming up in August and September and the possibility of me convincing some local shop owners to let me consign a few bags here and there.

I walked away without the lovely black and white material. Sniff Sniff.

Then I got an email a few days later from a lady wanting two coordinating black and white tote bags. Would I have any ideas for a black and white combo? Check would be coming forthwith.

Uh, yes. I have just the black and white combo in mind. I skipped all the way back to the store for the lovely coordinating black and white.

And here they are. All done and ready to be packaged up for their flight to Arizona.

I am in the middle of another smaller purse sized bag with black fuzzies at the top made out of the same material. It's not sold yet, I'm just making it up for fun. I will post it's picture soon. Let me know if you'd like it and it's yours. Otherwise I pop it on esty and see what happens.


Janice said...

*Love* these bags! They are just gorgeous!

Ruby Cate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TOP ONE! Although red is my fav color, to have just a black & white bag to match every outfit, ah what a dream! How much for just the top bag if I were to splurge in the near future & treat myself to something so pretty? ;)

-Amy & Ruby Cate