Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Notes FromThe Class

Friday night's "How To Make A Funky Tote Bag" was a success. Six ladies arrived with material, beading, interfacing, and trim in hand. They schleped their sewing machines in from the warm summer's night and plopped them right down on a craft table and appeared eager to get to work.

Everyone had different levels of experience and a few were able to burn through my tutorial. A few more hadn't used a sewing machine since the 10th grade and had only bygone memories of failed skirt projects from Home Economics classes in the mid 1980's.

Six hours later, yes six hours, everyone left with a completed tote bag. I was thrilled to see the fabrics chosen, gave me some good ideas for future projects. I was merely there to advise and guide when questions arose, they really did the entire project all by themselves.

Boy was I tired at midnight as the last tote bag danced off into the star lit sky. So tired and keyed up all at the same time, couldn't even fall asleep until 2am. Ugh..... The Muffin Man thinks me insane to teach a class for 6 hours straight.

But, alas. It was good experience for me. I enjoyed each and every lady and their projects too. Would I do it again? Ugh, maybe with a tweak or two.

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