Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bryn's Stripes

Gah, the best part about this little Pink Evita gig is to see what other people design at the "Design Your Own" parties.

I never tire of seeing people at their most creative. This little mini pink was designed by a gal who patiently waited for a table spot to clear at the last party. She then started scooping up materials but kept saying "You just surprise me, I'm not sure about this design your own stuff."

Ha, in my opinion she wins the creativity award for best overall design. I absolutely love this bag and had not one smidgen of influence in the design dept.

She mixed ice blue and deep browns with several layers of texture being careful to layer the heaviest and thickest at the bottom and end up with a duponi silk at the top. She even selected a heavy brocade in coordinating colors for balance.

Oh, if she doesn't love it I'm buying it back from her to carry on my arm.
Best in show for sure.

1 comment:

B-squared said...

Sorry, Charlie! It's all mine! :-) And as you know, the purse is very fabulous. Thanks again!
(I couldn't believe the purse fairy secretly left it on my porch the other day...she's crafty AND quick!).