Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jacquard Stars

I have this dear friend who keeps me motivated when I need it. Having your own little business is amazing but can also be a bit creatively challenging when you hit a wall and there is no one to bounce ideas off of. Or you find yourself in need of a warm body to reality check some of the more eclectic ideas, ha.

My friend is this person to the Pink Evita business. She provides tons of moral support and creative energy and asks for nothing other than a place to come "play purses" now and then (which helps me creatively) and perhaps to make up one bag now and again when she falls deeply and passionately in love with a certain material. She even brings me material when she has an idea or two. Yes, she shows up on my door step with a yards of material. I am not worthy.

She brought me this pretty brown and black mix jacquard a few weeks ago. She loved it and I liked it but saw nothing over the top outstanding about it. I made her a little bag with it. Which in her defense looked darling on her shoulder.

Last weekend she brought her little bag when helping with my most recent "Design Your Own" party. It was just sitting on the counter holding all her personal stuff. Wouldn't you know that little underwhelming bag, in my humble and not so with it opinion was the hit of the party. Several women wanted to buy it from her and have her empty her junk on the counter! I sold no less than 5 bags that day with her material. It was the bell of the ball, that little material of hers.

Here's to you Miss Jacquard Stars...and your wicked cool eye for what women want. Many Thanks. And if you order this bag...ummm....it will be a semi-original not so one of a kind. :)


Sandy said...

I'm thinking I love it! How much for the pretty little girl with jacquard stars? (As my son, looking over my shoulder, says "don't you already have that bag?" HA! Boys just don't get it!)

Perrin said...

Hi Sandy,

Would you email me your email address so I can contact you about the Jacquard Starts bag?

Thanks so much,