Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bunny Tote

This adorable little bunny tote is made from heavy weight canvas. It was hand painted by a dear talented friend of mine. The handles are nylon and are perfect for little easy clean up should chocolate coated hands touch it. Maybe it's and an Easter gift? The tote is lined with a light pink cotton to coordinate with the handles and bunny ribbon.

The tote is 11"x11" and the handles are 16". Perfect to carry little toys or even diapers and wipes.

The tote is $25 and is for sale. Look for more canvas handpainted totes soon. They are so fun to make, we can't resist. Email me at if you are interested.


Traci said...

Okay, I don't need a matching one. Can I order a slightly smaller one than this for Jade for Easter? Let me know pricing, etc.



Traci said...

Is 11 x 11 small enough for Jade to carry? Maybe it is. Let me know if it is, because I may need to talk about a larger version of the above bag.

Man, you rock! I think your bags are truly awesome! Surely, you can sell these through boutiques. I'd love to hear how that's going.

Missing you and your family. I hope you laughed at my jokes. Trying to be humorous at this late hour.


chicagomama said...

This is beautiful. Vivi absolutely loves bunnies, and this one looks so much like her favorite lovey. Darn my shopping hiatus! Um, please say you will be making more of these later in the year, because I will pick one up for Vivi's birthday. You have serious crafty skillz.