Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Nicole's Purple Tote

What better gift for a new baby and her parents could there be but a little tote just big enough for a bottle and a few diapers and wipes? You knew I would suggest a handmade tote didn't you? If Mommy and Daddy need to toss in a wallet and cellphone, there is room for that too.

Baby Nicole loves purple, or so her parents think. This bag mixes the durability of sturdy denim, which you need with a messy baby, with a sweet lilac Laura Ashley print. The inside was lined with soft lilac satin and even has a pocket for keys or other Nicole toys.

Baby Nicole's tote will be off and ready to cross state lines soon.

Oh, it's Scotch Guarded too, even sweet baby Nicole will tangle with a little baby mess now and again. Trust me, I know of these things.

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Traci said...

It's perfect, Perrin! She'll love it! Hopefully, her parents will too. Thanks for sending over state lines to me.