Friday, February 6, 2009

All Things Spring

It's spring here at Pink Evita even if the snow is still not melted in the front yard. I have packed away the heavy chenille's and dark tapestries. I've made up a few very spring'y' totes and just the feel of light weight pinks and greens running through my fingers has been enough to beat the late winter time blues. Of course my living room has 1/2 inch of dust everywhere but there are lots of new Pink Evita's already in the works scattered throughout sewing room and on the website.

I dug through some older stash to see if I could make some sewing room space..for newer material of course, and pulled together this pink and green dragonfly bag. New this spring will be little accessories to match each bag. Yes, that is a matching little dragonfly zipper makeup pouch sitting in the tote. Of course they are sold separately for anyone who doesn't want the accessories, but really, who could resist?

If this pink dragonfly and ladybug captures your fancy she can be purchased over here.

One more thing that put a smile on my face when it arrived in the mail this week. Snaps. Colorful little snaps, I swoon.

I have a million ideas for these little babies. Wallets, pouches, dog walking poopy baggie carriers, golf bag clip on many ideas, so little preschool time to create.

Working with snaps is next up on the docket. I'll post more when these snaps have been affixed to something.

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