Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inspiration In The Craziest Places

My three year old, Olivia has been sick for almost 2 weeks now. Sniff Sniff. Just common variety cold for a week, 3 days of being well and then more fever followed up by an ear infection this time. I broke down, took her to the Dr. and got her the good drugs today, so she should be flying high again by tomorrow.

Liv has been snuggled up on a heat therapy bag to help her sore ear. She likes the warm lavender scented soft bag while watching way too many cartoons. Ahhh, it's winter time in the Midwest. I got the idea here for the bag. What a great tutorial and what a wonderful idea to use up some scraps of material from the ever growing stash of material that seems to be taking over the northwest side of the house.

While Liv has been recuperating I've been cutting out heat therapy bags. I couldn't seem to stop at just one for Olivia. At first I thought I would keep them for little homemade gifts but now I'm thinking I might take a few to a craft show I've signed up for in March.

They are so easy to make, just two sleeves. (Mine are larger than the tutorial suggested at about 16" x 8". I wanted it to be big enough to lay across the shoulders. (Can you tell where my tension usually sets in?) One sleeve sewed shut with lavender essential oil mixed with white rice and then an outer sleeve with a velcro closure to protect the inner sleeve and have something nice and snuggly warm to cuddle up with. This one is red flannel on one side and cow print flannel on the other. Who says when you are feeling sick or achy you can't keep your sense of humor with a cow print heat therapy bag? I've been to the grocery now two times for more rice. They are easy and fun to make!

Oh, if you are on the northside of Indianapolis on March 14th, 2009 and feel like stoping by the Carmel, Indiana Monon Center...pop on in for the craft show between 10am and 4pm. There is no cost to attend the show and they are expecting about 30+ vendors. I haven't done too many craft shows, they take away from family time and most of my business is word of mouth and internet...but hey, why not give this local show a try? It's practically in my back yard. I'm looking forward to showing some spring bags and accessories as well as meeting shoppers and other vendors.

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Michelle said...

Are you going to sell these? I would really like to buy one. The one I had finally burst open because I used it so much!

Could you let me know it you would be willing to make one for me, and if so, the price?