Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come On Spring

Come on spring. Winter, love ya but it's time to move on out. We've had the cold and ear infection as a token reminder and now quite frankly, we've over you. Don't be offended, we did like the one large snowstorm, that was nice.

I'm busy hunkered down in the sewing room working with bright colors. Lots of bright colors. I've packed away all the heavy dark materials for July, when I'm craving a cool day. Seems like it will never happen right now, but we all know it will.

Look at the key fob goodness. I have one of these little babies attached to my set of keys and even though I still carry the mongo sling bag that ate New York City, I can always find my keys with a key ring like this. I'm not sure if it is the size or the cotton webbing but my keys seem to miraculously float to the top of two ton annie, the bag! Ahhh, what a treat when the 7 year old is six steps ahead of me out the door and the 3 year old is tossing a sippy cup my way as we skip out the door.

I'll be offering them at the craft shows I'll be doing this spring/summer and of course through internet orders. They can be made in any color and can match any bag. Speaking of matching any bag...if you buy one alone they are $6.50 but if you buy one with any other bag purchase they are only $5.00.

They will be up for sale very soon with all the new spring bags at

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Michelle said...

Hi Perrin. I got my heat therapy pack in the mail the other day and I just love it! The pink toile is beautiful(when my husband saw it he said "Oh, that's so you" :) and the smell is heavenly. Thank you so much for making it for me. I am using it right now. Ahhhhhhhhhh............You make such beautiful things!