Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taking the Girls Out in the Back for Some Sun

Oh, I have to admit it has been hard to keep my head down and blinders on the last couple of days.

It is sunny and 65-70 degrees here. Ahhh, what a welcome change from the dreary rain of the last few weeks.
Should I complain though, when that dreary rain and the hurculean efforts of the Muffin Man have made our back yard grass look like kelly green carpet? Probably not.

Spring is finally here in the midwest. That is why I decided to treat myself and "the girls" here to a short backyard photo shoot.

Don't they look summery, all "dolled" up and ready to go home with their new owners? The black and white one has bubble gum pink lining. I'm suddenly very aware of how happy a sunny lining with a touch of sewn coordinating ribbon can make a person. How nice to have something small like that in your daily life, open a handbag and smile at the bright happy color you see. I'm easily entertained.

Alright, only 4 more orders to go in the May '09 lot.

Then I can concentrate on that backyard Memorial Day picnic we will be hosting this weekend. I'm going to treat us to a trip to Trader Joe's for a nice bottle of wine and some fun appetizers.

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