Friday, May 15, 2009

Three More

Ahh, they're falling like bugs at an ant trap picnic now.

It does help to stack up the orders and cut cut cut first. Then re-stack up the already cut out projects into a pile on the corner of the craft table.

I'm not sure why but the projects do seem to make their way to the "hanging wall" faster if I can cut up a batch before I interface and sew anything. Or perhaps I can only tolerate the slowness of a multi project order in the beginning few days, after that to keep sanity I suppose I need to see tangible progress.

Hipsters are in again this spring. Probably for the summer travelers who want hands-free while site seeing and on trips here and there. I think I might want one now. Oh, will I have time before vacation? Who knows.

The picture of the lilac, celery and brown hipster is just not that great. It is a much prettier fabric in real life.

Last night I took a break from the sewing cave and went to my local quilt shop to teach a class. 1001 Uses Zipper Pouch is what everyone made. It was very fun. There were a mix of experienced and beginner sewers.

I simply loved the look on people faces as they exited with a completed little pouch project in hand.

I already have an idea for another class this summer. Fabric baskets. I'm dying to try one. But, must finish orders first. Whip cracking in background.

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Anonymous said...

I just love the hipsters and can't wait to get mine!! You do such wonderful work, Perrin!

Courtney H.