Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finishing up Custom Orders

I promised myself that I would not work in December this year. Ha...but then one last little craft show crossed my path, I'll be hanging out there on Friday night the 11th. (See the side bar if you are in Indy and would like to pop on in at King of Glory church at 106th and Keystone Ave.) And there were just a few custom orders that I couldn't refuse. Mostly because they are for friends AND their projects just seemed like fun bags to make.

Here is one that had the challenge of black, brown and light blue. When the gal said this was the color combination she'd like, I thought, ugh oh...I don't think I can come up with something really great with black, brown and light blue. However, she popped over on a Sunday afternoon and this is what we came up with. I love it, I want one for myself.

The photo lighting is atrocious since my normal photo editing software is in the shop with my desktop hard drive. It is sick with a nasty virus since I didn't get it vaccinated, I suppose. I'm hoping my beloved old computer comes home in perfect order later this week and I can give the kids back their play laptop with the sticky "P" very soon.

What will I do with my time once this last custom order is delivered you ask? Besides all the normal holiday preparations of course? Oh, my fun project list is a mile long.

1) Snuggies for my girls ~ I heard that groan...but they are asking for them and I have about 6 lbs. of fleece I'd like to unload from my sewing room. So, they might just be getting snuggies for Christmas. No comments from the peanut gallery pppplease. See, that darn sticky "P".

2) A few family members have asked for and might be getting reusable market bags made from oil cloth and nylon handles. No advertisements for the local food market chain here folks. My only challenge will be to find some awesome oilcloth in masculine cloth. No pink damask or green dots, no way.

3) Felt and cotton scraps made into girlie hair clips for my girls to give away as Christmas presents to their friends. I'll post some ictures, oh great now the "P" is barely working at all. They are so darn cute and fun to make in front of the tv.

4) Teacher favorite people to give handbags and tote to! They deserve so much more than a free tote I will try to design some fun bags for the girls to surprise them with!

5) Aprons...I'd love to play around a bit with the Amy Butler Goddess Apron pattern I ordered recently.

Looks like I better hop off the blog and get to work. Happy December gift making, drop me a comment telling me what you are making this month.

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